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Who is the boss unchained in Mortal Shell?

In this game where being sane and being resistant are two fundamental pillars, it is important to know how to beat the unchained boss who is the final boss with whom we get, but getting to him is not easy, since first we will have to have achieved that Sacred Glands can return to Old Prisoner and on the other hand have previously fought to fight with three other bosses in the temple, in addition, it is necessary to be properly prepared with weapons and skills, this is because being the final boss this is much stronger .

The weapons needed to defeat the unchained boss are:

  • The sanctified sword.
  • The hammer.
  • In Chisel.

The bosses we face before the boss unleashed in Mortal Shell are:

  • Imrod: Impenitent of the Shrine of Ash.
  • Crucix. Born double in the Seat of Infinity.
  • Tarsus: First Martyr of the Crypt of the Martyrs.

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    How to beat the unchained boss in Mortal Shell?

    This is a fight that can be somewhat difficult, because this boss will seek to make quick attacks with his arms and he does it constantly, so it is necessary to fight seriously from the beginning and choose to counter it with some combos that will allow us to stagger, this us allows us to get away a bit to plan where it is possible to access to do some damage, since our task of knowing How to beat the unchained boss is just beginning, so as soon as we get closer it is necessary to do as much damage as possible to such that your green health can be reduced by a certain amount.

    This is a pretty strong boss and he is not going to stay calm, so he will seek to invoke some waves of water when jumping, the idea is to do everything possible to avoid them, otherwise we end up receiving some amount of damage that we will not need in these moments in Mortal Shell, but this is not all, because if the boss sees that we do not fall into his game of the waves he will seek to make some arm sweep attacks, since with these he considers that it is possible to do more damage, and this is where there is need to use weapons, they have to serve something, so we prepare to run through the first wave and advance forward to the second wave using the weapon to dodge and finally execute a shot to take away some vitality to boss.

    This boss has a strong vitality but in the same way while we are constantly fighting we can reduce his health by half which allows us to fully enter our goal of knowing how to defeat the unchained boss, but they are crucial moments since he will seek invoke the shadow warriors who will seek to attack us, the detail is that at this point it is easy to eliminate them, but they will still try to distract us, only that we must fight to be aware of the boss so we will get rid of them using a weapon to damage them easily .

    The unchained boss still has cards to play in Mortal Shell and will seek to summon the monster of the giant whirlpool, for this it is possible to make this monster eat the shadow warriors and keep us withdrawn because if he manages to drag us he will eliminate us immediately, the warriors Har That the boss comes out of the whirlpool and allows us to continue attacking him to take away health, because when we finally manage to defeat him, he will give us a glimpse of the Fallacy but this is not all because we are offered the opportunity to access New Game mode.

    This is all we know about how to beat the unchained boss, so give it a try by following these steps and notice that sooner rather than later you will be the winner in Mortal Shell.

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