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Mortal Kombat 11: where to find Krypt Key Item locations

2019-05-22 21:02:49

They're several the elementsof Krypt Key in Mortal Kombat 11 and each one has a specific utility. Some will be easier to find, however, others will require a little more effort to find them, some will even require certain elements such as doors or corridors that can only be opened after collecting gems or amulets to unlock them once they are found and obviously I know the locations of them also this great effort to get the elements of Krypt Key in Mortal Kombat 11,

But don't worry, we have everything covered and under control, we've prepared a list with all the elements of Krypt Key, their locations and what you should and need to know to get it.


The Hammer of Shao Kahn.

The hammer of Shao Kahn is located at the entrance of Krypt, and is used to break doors and walls.

Jewel of Life.

This jewel is used to open the door next to the gong in the Patio de Krypt, to get to it you must go to find the Sanctuary of the Warrior, go to the patio and walk the Paso de la Montaña to the right, pass the small sanctuary and a scene will appear, which will cause the meteorite that contains this key element of Krypt to crash into the statue of Raiden. Return to the area where you hit the gong to open the wooden doors in the Patio and use the Gem of Life to open the Garden Gate.

We continue with the cracked horn of the motaro.

This element serves to open the door of Goro's lair.

You'll be able to find it after entering the gardens using the jewel of life, you'll have to go to the vault where you'll find this element of Krypt Key when operating a lever that is inside the vault.

Lanza de Hanzo Hasahi (Lanza de scorpión).

The spear of Hanzo Hasahi is located inside the Armory in the Lair of Goro, which you must open using the Horn of Motaro cracked. It's the pillar that seems to have a streak of fire that runs through the Armory, is the spear on fire.

The amulet of Ermac.

This amulet serves to open blocked passages and vaults of souls.

It's located in Lower Pit, below the broken bridge near the mountain pass. But in order to have access to this area, you must pass the Goro Lair and use the second elevator in the area to reach Lower Pit.

Kenshi's band.

Kenshi's Blindfold, allows players to see invisible chests and walls in Krypt.

This bandage is located in the area known as prisons, you can get here following the path of the correct tunnel from the Throne Room of Goro. After getting the Cracked Horn of Motaro, head to Goro's Lair and continue to Goro's Throne Room. From here, take the path that is on the far right side of the room. This will take you through the Goro treasure chamber and up to the jails.

You'll have to keep going through the puddles of blood to find the Ultimate Kenshi support, and another of the Krypt Key elements.

Heart of Blaze

Heart of Blaze will be very useful to complete the puzzle of The Sacrifice.

It's inside the Koins 80k box inside the closed door at Goro's Lair, which opens with the three One Being gems.

To achieve this, you must have the heart of the unique being, Mind of the unique being, Soul of the unique being.

Heart of the unique being.

This gem is used to open the closed door on the right side of Goro Guarida.

It's unlocked by pulling 10 Mercies in any Tower mode.

 Mind of the unique being.

This gem is used to open the closed door in Goro's Lair and you can get it by pulling out ten Fatalities in any Tower mode.

Soul of the unique being.

You can get it by removing 10 Brutalities in any Tower mode.

The claw of the Repti.

This is located within the Torture Halls of the Lair area.

Dragon amulet.

This amulet serves to open locked doors in the Passage of the Mountain, and can be located in the lava with the oscillating traps inside a chest.

Some key elements can't be acquired until others have been found in the Krypt.

The last element of Krypt Key in Mortal Kombat 11 that we know is The Destroyed Staff of the Thunder of God (Staff of Raiden).

Our last element of Krypt Key in Mortal Kombat 11 is used to open the closed door of the Kytinn Hive room, in the torture rooms of Goro's lair.

You can get it by interacting with the crushed statue of Raiden in the Courtyard with the Amulet of the Earth Protector in the inventory, but you'll have to have the Amulet of the Kingdom Protector of the Earth.

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