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Mortal Kombat 11: How to quickly gain resources

2019-05-28 19:06:43

Among the things you want to do in Mortal Kombat 11 is unlock the hidden treasures that are on Shang Tsung Island through Krypt mode. However, to unlock these chests and get the treasures you need the three main resources that are Koins, Hearts and Soul Fragments, which usually takes a long time. Fortunately, the process for collecting these resources can be accelerated a bit. Because of this, this guide presents some recommendations that can be followed to obtain resources in a faster way.

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Mortal Kombat 11: How to win Koins quickly

The Koins are among the three main resources belonging to MK11. These are used to open the chests that are available in Krypt mode. Of course, it is easy to infer that to open many chests a large number of Koins is necessary. Even if it turns out that gathering these resources takes a considerable amount of time, there are some ways to make it easier and then some are mentioned in the following sections.

Complete the tutorial and the story to get resources

Even if you prove to be an expert Mortal Kombat player, completing the tutorial can be very beneficial. This is mainly because at the end of each lesson about 1000 Koins are awarded, meaning that by completing all the chapters, they will get 42,000 Koins. So it's not good to skip the tutorial.

How to get resources in Krypt Mortal Kombat 11

Although in first impression it's possible to be thought that the Krypt was created to spend the resources gained, it turns out to be there are several ways with which it's possible to gain several Koins.

To win some Koins, it's mainly good to take advantage of the first two chests that you will find at the entrance to the island. By opening both it is possible to gather about 100000 Koins.

Another way in which some Koins can be obtained is by using Shao Kahn's hammer to hit the Gong that is in the Courtyard and the Warrior's Sanctuary. By doing this, you get 25,000 Koins, by hitting each one, which totals 50000 in total.

On the other hand, the opening of the door that contains special elements, as well as the Balance Gate in the courtyard, generate about 5000 Koins. Likewise, opening the door that blocks access to new areas of Krypt allows you to earn 1000 Koins.

Klassic Towers allows to obtain resources in MK11

Although it's possible to win a few Koins fighting online, since if you lose, you get 100 Koins; when you manage to win, you get between 300 to 500 Koins, in the end this isn't the best way to grow Koins in Mortal Kombat 11.

A better way to get Koins turns out to be Klassic Towers, since it's possible for the player to get about 1000 Koins, at least, by completing each one. The size of the reward depends on the amount and difficulty that is present. As if it were not enough to win a good amount of Koins, it's also possible that by obtaining a specific amount of points they can award additional prizes.

Daily challenges in MK11 generate Koins quickly

Completing challenges in Mortal Kombat 11 is also a way to quickly gather Koins. One reason is that these challenges do not turn out to be very demanding, besides they're generally limited to playing as a single character or even performing movements in a certain amount. The reward for completing a daily challenge is a juicy 10000 Koins.

Since you have enough information to get faster Koins in MK11, do not waste time and go get them while following these recommendations. But do not forget to share this article with your friends so that they also have this help.
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