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Mordhau: How to Get the Carrot and where to find it

2019-06-11 21:27:34

Mordhau is a medieval multiplayer hack 'n slash video game, the medieval video game was developed by Triternion and premiered on April 24 this year.

The new patch of Mordhau has a new map of developers, Funland and a new weapon called the carrot. We have prepared this guide to tell you how to get the carrot and where to find it.

Unfortunately getting the carrot is not so easy. Knowing where to find it has a bit of work. In addition, finding the new map called Funland can also be even more complicated, the problem is that this map is currently only available to administrators.

But do not worry that we have also covered it in this guide, so we are going to tell you perfectly how to get the Mordhau carrot and where to find it, as well as how to access Funland below.

The Legendary Carrot Quest - Mordhau

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    How to get the Mordhau carrot and where to find it.

    The carrot of Mordhau, this new weapon is a carving knife with a new skin and can be found on the map of Crossroads north of the camp.

    To obtain and find the Mordhau carrot, you will have to go to the Crossroads map north of the camp, you will be able to find it under some trees.

    To the naked eye, Mordhau's carrot looks just like a carrot. But if you attack an enemy with it, it will be cut just as with a knife.

    Do not expect to unlock any achievement when you get the Mordhau carrot, so you'll have to settle for just her.

    How to access the new Funland map.

    The exclusive command map for parkour enthusiasts in Mordhau is only available to administrators, at least for now.

    However, you can join the new map of Mordhau in the following way:

    • 1. Start a local game.
    • 2. Press the "~ [tilde]" key.
    • 3. Type the following command: changemap funland2therefunening
    • 4. Press the Enter key.

    You will automatically see the new map with a wide range of obstacles. Keep in mind that the map does not offer any reward in XP. So do not expect to earn anything more than fun.

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