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MORDHAU Horde Mode Survival Guide: All you need to know

2019-05-14 18:04:49

Mordhau, the medieval style survival video game developed by Triternion, premiered recently and we have prepared a survival guide in Horde mode for you.

In this survival guide for the Mordhau Horde mode we have a few tips and tricks to turn your game experience in Horde mode into something much easier while still being exciting.

Mordhau - Medieval Horde Mode

Horde mode is a cooperative type game mode

Mordhau's Horde mode is a cooperative type game mode, in Horde mode you are a member of a team composed of several players. The objective is to finish with a group of robots.

The groups that you have to battle with become much stronger as time goes by, so it will be a bit more complicated to finish them progressively.

However, do not think that you will have to fight simply until you die. Your life regenerates as you finish with the hordes of robots, in addition you can also use regeneration supplies which you can use to regenerate yourself as well.

But regeneration isn't the only reward you receive when you finish with the robots, you can also earn coins to improve your equipment. Be cautious and save to buy a weapon with which you can have a much greater power in the battle.

What You need To buy

We recommend buying a recurve bow for a price of 100 coins

If you die, you will come back to life at the end of the round, as long as at least one of your allies survives the wave.

Of equalmenra you will have to be prudent in the battles, don't underestimate the groups of robots of the Horde mode in Mordhau, keep close to the members of your team and try to practice so that your progress in battle is increasing more and more.

We recommend you hit and take cover, change your opponent if you can not against the initial, don't risk if you think you can not.

Buy a melee weapon to inflict more damage on opponents whenever you can get close and hit them. The hoe for 20 coins is a profitable option.

But if you also have a remote combat weapon, look for a retired place with height so you can climb and stay high, if there are stairs better keep in mind that robots can not upload them.

If you run out of ammunition then low keep yourself always alert not to be ambushed and find or buy supplies.

Also try to improve your armor, weapon and in general all the tools you can improve to get much more level of battle and chances of victory.

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