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Mordhau Guide: Which are the Best Weapons?

2019-05-13 19:25:32

In the new and already loved medieval game hack 'n slash, Mordhau, among the most important elements to consider are weapons, since development and fun is combat. Because of this, the best ones should certainly be selected in order to ensure victory. Today we bring you a short list with the best weapons of Mordhau.

Currently in Mordhau you can choose between more than 80 different types of weapons. These include weapons classified by one hand, two hands and rank. Due to the wide variety, it becomes more complicated to choose the best or best in such a broad list.

When selecting the best weapons, you must have certain considerations to determine their effectiveness, as if they should be used in closed or open spaces, what are their pros and cons according to their use in these spaces, or even if their price is worth their acquisition, for example.


To give you some shortcuts regarding this selection, here is a list of the weapons in Mordhau, from the best to the worst. That said, consider that any weapon outside of this list may be less efficient than what could be the worst on this list. In this sense, the weapons on this list have been chosen because each one has its special characteristics that make it particularly good.


While it may prove to be expensive, its level of damage justifies the price. The Halberd is quite effective in attacks with which you can inflict damage to multiple enemies simultaneously (up to three of them).

In addition to its ability to attack, Halberd can move in different ways, making it even more lethal.
Due to its attack capacity, it's recommended that it be used in an open space. With this you could make the most of it.

Cost: 11
Head injury: 160/120/80/67
Body damage: 100/60/50/37
Damage to the legs: 95/45/35/22

Ax of war

This weapon has a lower ability to inflict damage than the previous one. However, because it has a more comfortable size, it may turn out to be a great option. In addition, you can also have more peace of mind about the damage you can do to your teammates.

The Ax of war turns out to be much more effective in closed spaces.

Cost: 5
Damage to the head: 130/105/80/70
Bodily damage: 100/75/65/55
Leg damage: 80/65/55/45

Executioner's Sword

The Executioner's Sword is a two-handed weapon with the ability to take down two armored enemies by a single attack. As can be seen, its capacity of damage and scope isn't good enough, so its cost is more than justified.
The only point against the Executioner's Sword is that it can not be used for combos. However, it's still considered as one of the most powerful weapons.

Cost: 7
Damage to the head: 120/110/80/70
Body damage: 100/90/60/50
Leg damage: 100/60/45/35


Zweihander is also a sword of two more. With this you can kill an enemy immediately if you hit him in the back, due to his great weight. This means that it has good damage capacity.

In addition, the Zweihander has the advantage that it can be used in case the combos are very relevant for you. However, it also has the disadvantage that it makes you slow because of its weight. Also, the most recommended for this sword is to attack unexpectedly, particularly from behind.

Cost: 10
Damage to the head: 115/100/70/55
Bodily damage: 100/75/55/40
Damage to the legs: 70/60/40/34


The crossbow can prove to be slow at the time of recharging, and is not the most powerful weapon in the game at a distance. However, it's highly recommended given that it has the particularity of having the quickest projectiles and this is accompanied by its great capacity for precision and range.

The above means that the Crossbow is an ideal weapon if you love shooting with great precision even at very large distances.

Cost: 7
Head injury: 110/100/61/58
Bodily damage: 60/50/41/38
Leg damage: 50/40/34/29


If what you want is a shorter recharge time, then you must choose the Longbow. This has allows you to recharge when you move, which can be beneficial.

However, Longbow has some cons as is the fact that its equipment is somewhat expensive, it has a lower projectile speed compared to the Crossbow. Even so, this weapon allows you a better style of mobile game.

Cost: 11
Head injury: 100/100/54/50
Body damage: 70/50/36/34
Damage to the legs: 50/40/27/25


Although it does not have a great speed, the Deck has a great capacity of damage if you can achieve a good impulse in your oscillations. In fact, you could end up with a heavy player. All these features make Mazo a great choice for duels.

Cost: 7
Head injury: 100/100/100/100
Bodily damage: 85/83/77/75
Damage to the legs: 75/68/62/60

Recurve bow

Although Arco recurvo may turn out to be not as good as the longbow or crossbow, it can be a good choice if it's well used, with very good accuracy.
Recurve arc may be the right choice if you want a range type weapon with a lower arc cost and without the slow reload that the crossbow possesses.

Cost: 7
Head injury: 100/70/43/40
Bodily damage: 50/40/23/20
Damage to the legs: 40/34/20/15


Sword is a one-handed weapon that has a good capacity for damage to its category, besides being quite fast. These two qualities make this a very powerful weapon. It can turn out to be a good choice due to its great effectiveness and low cost.

Cost: 3
Head injury: 100/72/56/49
Bodily damage: 70/52/41/38
Damage to the legs: 60/37/26/18

Short spear

It's a weapon that has a good capacity for damage by stabbing, in addition to ensuring that the light armor can be very fast at the time of combat.
Short spear can go through heavy armor and in terms of its launch, can possess as much accuracy as archery.

It's recommended that you carry one in each hand and if you only carry one, accompany it with a shield. Both options can be very convenient.

Cost: 4
Damage to the head: 100/75/55/45
Bodily damage: 65/60/45/35
Leg damage: 55/50/30/25


It's a weapon with a fairly large speed, in addition to a considerable range. It can be very effective since it's very good to destroy light armor.
Many believe that it can be better than the Long Sword, due to its size, its good capacity of velicidad and damage.
Although his range doesn't turn out to be very good, Messer can be a very effective weapon. In addition, it has a version of a hand that can be very good when combined with a shield.

Cost: 5
Head injury: 100/75/60/52
Bodily damage: 70/60/50/40
Damage to the legs: 60/50/40/34

This what

Although it's a fairly simple push weapon, it can turn out to be very good at killing enemies due to its high damage capacity by stabbing the head. Many consider it to be the best weapon for Mordhau beginners.

Cost: 4
Head injury: 100/67/49/45
Bodily damage: 60/52/34/30
Damage to the legs: 50/37/19/15


Ax is a one-handed weapon that can be very efficient in combat because it can inflict damage quite effectively. It's very good in close combat, when enemies are within range. Otherwise, if the enemy is out of reach, you can choose to launch it.
It has a good damage capacity for its low cost and how good it can turn out to be in combat.

Cost: 2
Head injury: 100/67/55/46
Bodily damage: 57/52/45/36
Damage to the legs: 47/39/32/20

Now you have references to choose good weapons in Mordhau. Now go and finish with everyone (except your allies). If you have something to add or communicate, you can leave us a comment.

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