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MORDHAU Guide: set up Defense for Builders

2019-05-23 19:35:01

In the medieval battles organized in Mordhau is to be able to raise a few defenses beunas is something quite relevant. Because of this, in the following article that we have prepared for you here at xboxplay.games, some details that should be considered to raise the defenses at the midpoint, both for the blue team and for the red team, will be mentioned.

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Defenses for Builders in the Blue Team

Being the only constructor preteneciente to Blue Team you've as main responsibility and objective to stop the attacks coming from the front. In this sense it's recommended that you secure a barricade in the most stable way possible along with two others in the lower part. In addition, you must also place a barbed trap near the wall next to the bag of sand, with which your companions will be able to leave easily.

The configuration mentioned next to a trap for peaks ensure a good defense that even allows a ballista protected behind it with which you can finish any warrior who dares to be in the field of vision.

Along with the above, it's also necessary to consider that the house must be kept closed for two reasons. In the first place, archers are given protection and comfort; Second, the more flanks that are closed, the better.

Defenses for Builders in the Red Team

Although many consider that as builders in the blue team they have achieved more success, it doesn't mean that it can't be achieved in the red team.

As a constructor in the red team you must have as main priority to block the barn, with this you can cut an important flank for the blue team. For this, you only need to install a barricade on the door and with this access to the barn is limited.

On the other hand, installing the barricade on the door to block access to the barn isn't the only thing you should do. It happens that the blue team can still climb on a bale of hay to enter. However, this can be avoided or stopped by installing a barbed trap next to a ballista behind to get a good line of sight to the stairs that the blue team can use to approach.

After doing the above, the red team doesn't have as many options for defense in this, as with the blue team. However, one strategy that can be implemented is to route the blue team in a single direction. This is achieved by closing the other areas with spikes and barricades.

At xboxplay.games we hope you find the information useful. Remember to leave comments with your experiences in the game, the doubts you have or details you want to mention to help the other players in the community.

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