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Mordhau Guide: How to Fix your Toolbox

2019-05-13 16:41:55

Everything you need to know about the toolbox in the medieval multiplayer video game, Mordhau, we tell you how you should use them, what things you can build with it and much more.

Not all players in a multiplayer team game should be in the front line of battle, fighting or doing the tasks that any other player would surely do. In a team you need players who complement the team and can perform different actions so that not everyone does the same.

One of the best ways to contribute to your team in Mordhau, is to have a toolbox and know how to use it in the best possible way in a battle.

How To Build The Mounted Crossbow, Using The Toolbox

How to use Toolbox in Mordhau?

The Mordhau toolbox works in a very different way than other elements in the game do. But don't worry with this toolkit guide in Mordhau we assure you that you will learn how to handle it quickly.

You can use the toolbox in two ways, you can use the prefabricated engineer, or you can create your own shape by adding the elements you want.

The toolbox is in the same place of two-handed weapons, it has a price of 8 points in speed that you must leave aside to get it.

Something you must always keep in mind and be aware of is the item's gear score, this basically means that your other options are limited, especially if you want to equip the toolbox with other items.

If you have to choose between the hammer for blacksmith or the wooden mallet, we recommend that you choose the hammer for blacksmith, bear in mind that obviously it is much more powerful than a wooden mallet which will reduce the time it takes to make a construction.

Once you have selected the tools that you want to save in your box, you will have to find the ideal terrain to carry out your constructions, the outline will change color to indicate when it points to a point where the structure will fit, you will have to right click to start building or if you changed your buttons use the button that replaced the click.

With the Switch Weapon Mode key you can change the type of building. But keep in mind that the mounted crossbow will not appear unless you have enough supply to build it.

Wood peaks

125 health costs.
1 supply.
20 seconds to build.

Wooden spikes tilted upwards, and they are excellent to prevent enemy troops from moving in a certain direction. They deal damage according to the speed with which a player moves when they make contact with the peaks. In flat terrain, they can not be skipped, besides they will be very useful for ambushes, you can use it to set traps or slow down the enemy retreats; They are excellent for punishing excessive advances.

Wooden walls.

250 health costs.
1 supply.
20 seconds to build.

The wooden walls that you can build with your toolbox in Mordhau, have a hole in the middle to provide more and better coverage for your equipment and to establish choke points.

Take advantage of the wooden walls of Mordhau using it with bear traps or wooden spikes to channel your enemies. Besides that they will be very useful if you have mounted crossbows which are perfect for remote use, plus it has a recharge time of approximately 5 seconds.

We recommend that, if you are going to use the crossbow, build the wooden walls in a safe place so that the slow mobility of the crossbow can not harm you.

50 health costs.
6 supply.
10 seconds to build.

The toolbox starts with three supplies and has a maximum of six, gets a replenishment box of ammunition to build a mounted spring, and by constructing one it will empty its supply until it finds more.

Each of the players can make a maximum of 6 constructions on the map regardless of the location of which only one can be a mounted crossbow.

With all this and a little practice, you will be able to improve your skills more and more using the toolbox in Mordhau. In addition to that you can also contribute with your team in a much more efficient way without needing to be all the time in the front line of battle.

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