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MORDHAU Guide: Host Online Multiplayer Server

2019-05-17 23:09:19

Mordhau is the recent medieval hack 'n slash video game that has had a great success since its release, this year. In this article, in xboxplay.games we bring you how to host, configure and run an online multiplayer server for Mordhau. Then we'll leave you some steps in sequence and specifically listed to get it.

Mordhau dedicated server tutorial

Host a multiplayer server online Mordhau

1. Download files from the server

To begin with, in principle you need to download the files from the server. You get this by going to "Library" on Steam and then locate yourself in "Tools". After that, you have to go to "Mordhau dedicated server" to finally install it in the directory you prefer. When doing this, you'll have the files of the server, since these will be downloaded to the directory that you finally chose.

2. Configure your ports

At this point, there are altogether four different ports that must be opened in order for your server to appear in the master list and with this other people can join you.
One important thing you should know is that you will need access to the administration panel of your ISP to open ports. In this sense, the ports that need to be opened are: 7777, 7778, 27015 and 15000.

Because port forwarding varies from one provider to another, we'll not mention how to confirm them, since each web panel can have its differences. However, don't forget that it's very important to do so.

3. Create and configure your server

In this article, we'll divide this step into two activities: "create the server" and "configure the server" so that it is much better understood, given that it's rather long.

Create the Mordhau server

Followed by ensuring that the re-sending of your server is successful and guaranteed, the next thing you should do is go to the directory where you installed the server files.

At this point, the first thing you need to do is run the MordhauServer.exe file. You must do it at least once in order for the server to create a configuration file so that you can change the default configuration.
Run the server for a few minutes and then you need to open the task manager and close the processes.

When doing the above, your file for the configuration must be created in the location: "Mordhau's dedicated server \ Mordhau \ Saved \ Config \ WindowsServer"

Configure the Mordhau server

The file for configuration that was created has the name "Game.ini". This file will show the aspects to be executed and the data of the server, in summary, it'll look something like this:
Aspects to execute:
PlayerRespawnTime = 5.000000
BallistaRespawnTime = 30.000000
CatapultRespawnTime = 30.000000
HorseRespawnTime = 30.000000
Damage factor = 1.000000
TeamDamageFactor = 0.500000
MapRotation = FFA_ThePit
MapRotation = TDM_Camp
MapRotation = SKM_Grad
MapRotation = FFA_Contraband
MapRotation = TDM_Tourney
MapRotation = SKM_MountainPeak
MapRotation = FFA_Taiga
MapRotation = TDM_ThePit
MapRotation = SKM_Camp
MapRotation = FFA_Grad
MapRotation = TDM_Contraband
MapRotation = SKM_Tourney
MapRotation = FFA_MountainPeak
MapRotation = TDM_Taiga
MapRotation = SKM_ThePit
MapRotation = FFA_Camp
MapRotation = TDM_Grad
MapRotation = SKM_Contraband
MapRotation = FFA_Tourney
MapRotation = TDM_MountainPeak
MapRotation = SKM_Taiga

Server data:
MaxSlots = 16
Server name = Server name
ServerPassword =
AdminPassword =
BannedPlayers = ()

To change aspects, for example if you want to change the rotation in the map, you only need to add or delete any of the "MapRotation =" lines, which are those that alter or execute aspects of the map.

Optional. Create a MordhauServer.exe shortcut

When doing all the above, it is advisable to create a create a shortcut for MordhauServer.exe. This would help to avoid having to go to the task manager to close it.

4. The hosts

Finally after achieving all the steps above, all you have to do is open MordhauServer.exe and this will open a small console window where the server is opened and in which each activity that occurs on the server is registered. These activities include the beginning, connections and administration records, as well as other things.

Now you can have your Mordhau server. We hope that our information will serve you. Don't forget to leave us a comment with your experiences. In case you've passed some important data and you want to mention it, you can also do so in the comments. In xboxplay.games we want to help in the videogame community.

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