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Mordhau Guide: Configuring Controls, Keybinds & Graphics

2019-05-20 17:45:49

This article shows a series of indications regarding how to configure the Controls, Key Links or Keybinds and Graphics for Mordhau. We do this in Xboxplay.games in order to have the best possible settings for you to have an optimal performance for the game that ranges from playability to visibility.

Next, each category will be specified (controls, Keybinds or Graphics) and the classification of the place where the configuration must be made ("keyboard" or "Mouse" for Controls / "Game tab" for Graphics, for example) will be indicated.


Keyboard and Mouse
For movement
Advance: W
Move back: S
Move to the left: A
Move to the right: D
Look up: move mouse on Y axis (or vertical)
Look down: move mouse on Y axis (or vertical)
Turn to the left: move mouse on X (or vertical) axis
Turn right: move mouse on X (or vertical) axis
Jump: space bar
Sprint: Change to the left
Fly Up Spectator: E
Spectator Fly Down: Q


Strike: Left mouse button
Parry: Right mouse button
Feint or Parry: None
Feint: Q
Stab: Mouse wheel up
Crouch: Left Ctrl
Will wear
Drop: G
Kick: F
Cycle camera: P
Weapon Mode / Recharge: R
Fire: Left mouse button
Remote cancellation: Right mouse button
Right Blow: None
Upper right knock: Mouse wheel down
Right lower knock: Thumb mouse button
Left blow: None
Upper left strike: None
Lower left strike: None
Flip Attack Side: None
Right stabbing: None
Stab left: None
Mute Target: K
Battle cry: V
Suicide: End
Main action of the spectator: Left mouse button
Secondary viewer action: Right mouse button
Tertiary viewer: middle mouse button
Equip slot 1-9: number keys 1 through 9
Case: 0
Choose 1-9: numeric keys 1 to 9


Vote Yes: Page up
Vote No: Page below
Show scoreboard: tab
Show chat: Y
Show Team Chat: U
Show team selection: M
Show selected profile: B
Show Emote menu: X
Show voice menu: C
Note: Mordhau's default control scheme is referred to as "system 240". It's considered to be an unintuitive system.

How to disable the control scheme 240

To disable the default control scheme of Mordhau, 240, you must make the following Keybinds changes:
Feint: Q
Right mouse button: Parry
Right hit: left mouse button
Fire: left mouse button (make sure it is linked since otherwise it can not be overwritten)
Upper left stroke: mouse button with your thumb if you have one
Lower left strike: Thumb with the mouse button if you have one
Side of the pull attack: Left Alt


According to the FPS, it's very likely that you want to make modifications to the graphics. However, many times you need a "super compuntadora" to have a good performance. Due to this, it's generally advisable to play with most of the jousts in low level, to achieve a maximum in FPS, especially in Frontlines.
Then you are shown the adjustments to be made, specifying each tab to which these settings belong. Note that these settings are made in the "Graphics".

"Game" tab

Head bob: 0
Ragdoll limit: The lower, the better. I use 3
Time of stay in Ragdoll: Low is better. I use 3

"Video" tab

Here you should consider that under the "Video" tab, anything with "IMPORTANT" has a big impact on FPS or visibility.

DEACTIVATE V-SYNC: even if you've a 60Hz monitor, you should always aim at 120 FPS

Resolution scale: This adjustment is made based on FPS. You can increase this scale between 1.1 and 1.2, if your case is where you get enough FPS, in order to get more sharpness in the image. Otherwise, you must leave the scale at 1 if you have consistent frames or Frontlines.

Frame rate limit: In 120 if you have a 60Hz monitor. 143 for a 144 Hz monitor. It goes down depending on the frame rate, if you get 54 FPS max, for example do it 50.
Field of view: 101
Antia-aliasing: Disabled. Especially if a screen scale is used that is greater than 1. "IMPORTANT".
Texture quality: this is adjusted according to the VRAM GPU size. For 6 gb + = Ultra, in case of 4 gb = High, for example, and keep it that way.
Effects: Low
Shade quality: Low. You can put it in Medium, only use for FPS.
Indirect shadows: Off
Viewing distance: Low
Post process: Under "IMPORTANT".
Foliage density: Under "IMPORTANT".
Character Qaulity: Under "IMPORTANT".
Character fabric: Without Fabric "IMPORTANT".
Ragdoll Qaulity: Under "IMPORTANT".
Reflections of the screen space: Disabled "IMPORTANT".
Motion blur: Disabled "IMPORTANT".
Bloom: Off / Off "IMPORTANT".
Environmental occlusion: Off "IMPORTANT".
Lens flashes: Off "IMPORTANT".

Eliminating shadows

Even if you are getting low SPF you should do this. On the other hand, you must make sure you have followed the graphics configuration, which was previously mentioned, to your liking before doing what we will indicate to you next. This is because, after doing the following, you can not update the graphics settings in the game.
Note: something very important that you must keep in mind is that the use of the following method will not work with Mordhau open. Therefore, you have to make sure that it is closed with the desired graphics configuration already saved.
Follow the following instructions:
Press: Windows key + R> then type:% appdata%> press: OK
Then: Exit / Roaming then in / AppData> go to Local / Mordhau / Saved / Config / WindowsClient / open GameUserSettings.ini
CNTRL + F and search for sg.ShadowQuality = 1 change to sg.ShadowQuality = 0
Then save, and go to the .ini file> right click> properties> set to "Read Only".


Under manage configurations 3d> program settings> add mordhau,> virtually set up pre-rendered tables in 2 or 3 (here, keep in mind that the higher it is equal to more FPS but also more input delay)
Power management mode: you must prefer the maximum performance
Texture quality: Performance
V-Sync: Off
Anti-Aliasing: Off
You must make sure that the drivers are updated
In open console: type r.MipMapLodBias 4 (this goes from 0 to 10. In 10 they have the worst aspect but they are the best FPS)

In Xboxplay.games we hope you get the information we give you. Do not forget to leave your experiences, doubts or details that you want to add, in our comments.

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