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Mordhau guide and tricks: Learn to Play Lute

2019-05-11 15:18:56

Discover how to use and play the lute in Mordhau.

Mordhau includes a lute as a selectable weapon and players have already got ways to use it on the field as well as other weapons such as the pan.

In this occasion we will show how to use and play the lute efficiently, despite not being as effective as other weapons.


The first thing you should do is the following:
1.- Equip a favorite mercenary from the home screen.
2.- Select the armory in the upper left corner.
3.- Create a custom mercenary or select a prefabricated one.

This customization will give you the option to change both the appearance and the armor and the characteristics of the weapons, these characteristics being the place where you can equip the lute for only 1 point of change, although you can also equip other weapons such as the Frying Pan

lute as a weapon in Mordhau

You can use it by touching "R" in the alternative weapon mode to hit your opponents. However, the lute is considered more as a cosmetic element than as a weapon, although it is also true that it adds an element of hilarity to the game.

lute as a musical instrument in Mordhau

If your desire is to play it as a musical instrument, you must move through the loading of the weapon using the numeric keys to equip the lute by means of this method. To create the different musical notes you can use both the left mouse button, as right and movements up and down, assuming a cardial role by pressing the "V" to unleash a battle cry.

As a curious fact, in Mordhau you can achieve well-known melodies such as the "DOOM song" or "Yakety Sax".

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