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Mordhau Guide and tricks: How to Build Ballista

2019-05-10 19:34:43

Mordhau is a medieval multiplayer hack 'n slash game created by an independent developer, Triternion. Since its launch on Steam last April 29, it has been a game that has gained much popularity, reaching to sell 200,000 during its first week. For the last May 7, Mordhau has surpassed the massive amount of half a million copies, surpassing the sales lists in Steam.

The popularity of Mordhau has been so immense that its developer, Triternion, apologized to the players when it reached its peak and the servers could not sustain the players' affinity at the beginning.

Now, for all the new players who are experiencing Mordhau and enjoying it, they ask themselves the usual question about how a ballista is built. Today we will talk a little about that.

Mordhau - How to Build Ballista, Barricades & Spikes

How a ballista is built in Mordhau

Mordhau stands out for its game and fight system, as well as its great graphics. However, that the above is great, does not mean that everything is easy, because for some systems in the game you need some knowledge to master it correctly. Among these delicate systems are the knowledge necessary to build a ballista.

The construction of the ballista implies that the players present the due attention to certain steps that must be done both within a match as well as outside, as well as the one that must adjust the load and the elements that must be taken.

1. Toolbox
First, players must equip the Toolbox. It is an element that allows the creation of both defenses and objects, instead of joining fight. This is achieved by selecting the Engineer, as well as equipping the Toolbox as a main weapon.
2. Find a refueling box

After completing the previous step, you will obviously want to join the game. However, you will notice that you can only create an illuminated arrow (or a cheval de frize). In other words, initially the ballista is not an option at the beginning only with the Toolbox and this is because to build it you must get a replenishment box of ammunition, with which you will unlock it. The ammunition replenishment box will increase the number of ammunitions that the player has to 6, this allows the ballista to be built.

In short, to unlock the construction of the ballista you need to equip the Toolbox and then get an Ammunition Replenishment Box in the match.

Considerations and recommendations when building a ballista in Mordhau

It's important for the players to be very clear that the creation of a ballista will consume all the unblocked ammunition. Due to this, it is highly recommended to search for a very good position with which it guarantees to be safe and defensible.

And this is all you have to know to create the ballista in Mordhau. Now go to finish with everyone and keep in mind the steps, the considerations and recommendations that we gave you.

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