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Mordhau Cheat Codes: All Console Commands Guide

2019-05-13 20:21:43

Do you know the Mordhau cheat codes ?, right? Then we leave you a guide with all the console commands available.

In multiplayer videogame in third and first person in medieval slasher type called "Mordhau", you will have to enter the battlefield agitated where there are up to 64 players as a mercenary in a fictional but realistic world in which you will have to face very close melee fights Exciting

And since we know that many don't yet know the Mordhau cheat codes, we have prepared a guide where we have all the console commands so that your experience in Mordhau is much more interesting.

MORDHAU Cheats Codes Tips & Secrets Archive (Steam: PC, MAC, Linux)

The Mordhau console can be opened by pressing one of the following keyboard shortcut keys: (`), (~) or (End). The command will have to enter it in the text box and press the Enter key to send it.

In order to use all the console commands you will have to log in as administrator.

adminlogin // needed to perform any other administrator command

adminlist // shows the current administrators

adminadd // add a new administrator to adminlist

removeadmin // remove the specified administrator from the list of administrators

changelevel // Change the map

restartlevel // restart the current map

addbots // add the desired number of bots

removebots // kill the desired number of bots


ban (username / steamid64)


Mordhau Console Commands Part # 2

slomo - added as administration command in Alpha build # 2). slomo .5 will give you 50% speed. Slomo 2 will give you 200% speed.

Slomo x - Chuck a number after this, it will change the speed of the game. (Slomo 2 for double speed, slomo .5 for half speed). Useful for practicing cameras / dragging bots, but obviously it does not work in multiplayer mode.

PlayersOnly: freezes all bots, but allows you to keep walking. This is a switch, so enter it again to defrost everyone. Again, only for one player.

ChangeSize x: another single player command for obvious reasons, this changes the size of your character. Yes, you can set it to 100, but I would not recommend it. It also goes both ways, so ChangeSize .5 will set you at half height.

m.ShowCrosshair 0 - To disable the cross. It must be written again after the restart of the game.

m.inverseattackdirection 1: ideal for a person wishing to reverse the required attack direction.

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