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Monster Hunter: World Leshen - How to Kill Ancient Leshen

2019-05-27 19:18:51

For those who still do not know, Leshen is a new monster in Monster Hunter: World, the new monster comes to Monster Hunter: World as part of a collaboration between The Witcher the creators of Leshen and Monster Hunter.

With the arrival of Leshen to Monster Hunter: World, we'll have to incarnate Geralt de Rivia who together with a Nekker has to find and eliminate the powerful Leshen who has transported them both to the forest.

How to Beat the Ancient Leshen : Monster Hunter World

How to kill Ancient Leshen ?.

For that we have prepared this guide. Ancient Leshen is in an Ancient Forest and it is up to Geralt to find and kill him. Along with the normal Leshen, an Old Leshen of which we'll also tell you how to eliminate.

To find and love the old man Leshen in Monster Hunter: World you've first of all to fulfill some necessary requirements, but we will mention the most important:

Requirements to kill the Ancient Leshen

In order to complete the mission you must have a Hunter Rank of at least 16, you can get it by completing the main story of the game.

Then to start the search you will have to talk to the cat that is Astera wax, you can also start the search if you go to the research base and talk to the person who is in the search marker.

After starting the search, Geralt de Rivia will be summoned to the game, when the message appears the search "Contract: Problems in the Ancient Forest" will also have started. This will take you to the skin of Geralt, from that moment you'll have started the way to find and kill Leshen in Monster Hunter: World.

We have some Geralt weapons that we recommend and others that we do'nt recommend at all against Leshen.

Avoid using swords at all costs, it's preferable to use direct fire against Leshen, so we recommend you get a good weapon with a Monster Hunter: World. Fire will be used very good option to use against a Leshen, Dragon and Thunder also inflict a fairly acceptable damage so we recommend making them your best friends. Avoid and forget to use water and ice will be useless and can make you make mistakes.

Missions needed before starting the Battle against Leshen

Before starting the battle against Leshen in Monster Hunter: World you'll have to complete and complete some missions that are not so relevant, but are necessary.

Go to the area of ​​researchers closest to you and interact with them, then along the road where you'll find some feathers. This is the beginning of the road. Continue advancing until you find a dead Aptonoth.

Immediately afterwards you will be surrounded by several revolutions, you'll have to use an Igni spell to get them away from you and complete the first section of the search.

Go to the northeast section of the map to find the first book highlighted, examine it and follow the trail that will take you to the second.

Check the second free highlighted as well and continue with the roots exam until you reach the researcher, talk to him and release him with an Igni spell and speak with him again to complete the second part of the search and finish the two missions.

Go to the point that will now be highlighted on the map.

When you are there you will be attacked by Jagras, kill them and look for the Totem, again using an Igni spell but this time to burn the totem and start the direct battle against Leshen.

Leshen is a very powerful monster capable of using some tactics with which he was already known as invoking revolutions and creating roots around himself to harm and protect himself.

Before finishing the search, you can also complete some secondary missions in the area. You can complete both before fighting against Leshen, as they are necessary for the real ending. And so that you know exactly what and how to do it, we have added them to the guide and present them below:

    Rescue the Pukei-Pukei.

In the area where you release the researcher with Igni by burning the roots, look for Pukei-Pukei between the roots and rescue him using an Igni spell.

    Odd marks of Gajalaka.

Look for the Gajalaka marks in the cave, try to find several and then go to the northeast of the map, in area 12 and talk to the researcher. Then you'll have to climb the tree and reach the camp near where the Rathalos nest is located where you'll find the Gajalaka. Kill them and promise to become their boss.

Now head over to area 13 and finish with former boss there along with vigorwasp to complete this mission.

    Defeating Leshen.

Undoubtedly the best and also the most efficient way to end Leshen is to use Igni. Igni is able to burn revolutions, roots, is able to approach Leshen to attack him.

Avoid getting too close to the revolution because they will cause you great claw damage while protecting Leshen.

Another of Leshen's attacks that you must take care of a lot is when he buries his hand and sends it along with his roots in the form of a claw to attack you.

So you should be aware of the ground, if you see that it moves towards you jump to the side to avoid being damaged.

Also avoid the revolutions that Leshen sends to you when he points his hand at you.

Avoid their claws in any way because they can hurt you a lot.

Keep in mind that Leshen is very good at attacking both remotely and nearby attacks, so we recommend you be very attentive and be very careful with each of his movements.

 In the The Witcher franchise, Leshen has the ability to summon wolves, but here he can summon Jagras which will make you even more insane. So we recommend ending them as fast as you can to avoid mortifications since they will attack you even when you try to heal.

But as we mentioned before, your best friends will be weapons and fire, Igni and even poison will be very useful to fight against Leshen and his allies.

When you see that Leshen is hit the hardest, use the runestone runestone Hunter and use the Igni skill with the stone or the emote Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Now that you've defeated Leshen, you'll be ready to End Ancient Leshen.

In order to kill the old Leshen you must have killed the normal Monster Hunter Leshen: World.

The Ancient Leshen can only be fought between May 17, 2019 and May 30, 2019, so this is a limited time boss fight and you will have to be Hunter Rank 50 to be able to access this battle.

Keep in mind that the Ancient Leshen is much stronger and more powerful than the normal Leshen, but your best aim to attack will continue to be the firearms and Igni, we also recommend you to be equipped with the greatest amount of regenerative health gains for your team and Flash Pods that you can because this battle won't be easy.

 The Flash Pods will serve to repel several of the attacks of the Ancient Leshen. In addition to that the Ancient Leshen adds the same attacks as the normal Leshen and two attacks that the normal Leshen doesn't have.

First, it can grab and capture players at their roots, who can only burn to free themselves. Second, it will land a powerful AoE attack that can only be interrupted with Flash Pods or dodging the ground to avoid it.

Try to fly the camp in Area 11 to cover a certain distance because the battle begins in area 12. Knocking down the rock on top of Ancient Leshen and the Jagras is also extremely useful in battle.

And try at all times that your colleagues are equipped with good quality items to end the Ancient Leshen, which will only be available from May 17, 2019 to May 30, 2019.

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