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Monster Hunter World on PC Get Witcher's collaborative content

2019-04-14 15:20:20

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt's collaboration content has been available for console players of Monster Hunter World for a while now. Now, we have news that the collaborative content is finally making its way to the PC version of the game.

For those who have not been following the collaboration, this brings Geralt of Rivia to the Astera. As part of the collaboration content, players get to play as The Witcher himself through a substantial single player quest. Through this, Geralt will bring some of his own unique abilities to the world of Monster Hunter, as he hunts down to familiar foe from his own world.

Monster Hunter World on PC

At the end of this quest line, players will be rewarded with the materials to craft an armor set that is reminiscent of Geralt's own, alongside his Silver Sword. The special quest is also a permanent addition to the game, and can be completed at any time. In addition, a second part of the quest will be added to the Event Quests rotation pool, which rewards Ciri's armor set as well as her pair of dual blades.

The permanent portion of The Witcher collaboration will be added to the PC version of Monster Hunter World on 9 May 2019. The special Event Quest, on the other hand, will enter the PC Event Quests rotation for the first time between 17 and 30 May 2019