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Delve into the universe of Monster Hunter Rise, because today we are going to tell you Where to find Sturdy Bones.

What are sturdy bones in Monster Hunter Rise?

It is a necessary element to manufacture and improve our equipment, this object usually takes a long time to achieve, so it should be considered a shortcut that allows us to solve Where to find Sturdy Bones, for this we have to explore the lava caverns that are presented on the map, where they are scattered, highlighting that the game for each player is different, so to have more details to consider, let's go ahead with the reading.
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    Where to find sturdy bones in Monster Hunter Rise?

    We have to focus on the lava caverns as the best possibility of obtaining this resource, we can even obtain something more important for our progress such as the monster bone shards, which requires the needs of storing these, achieving the team building when we have progressed further in Monster Hunter Rise, with the help of the sturdy bones we can make weapons and armor like the ones presented below:


    •  Weapons: Wind Thief Scimitar 2, Bone Breaker, Jagged Maw, and Deadly Serpent Blade 1.
    • Armors: Goss Harag, the stench of death, Melahoa, Remobra, Jaggi Mask and Rhopessa.


     Being Sometimes able to return to check the existence of new bones is correct, no matter how long it takes weeks to appear we can get some benefit from it, more if we know where to find robust bones, because we can only access few quantities and we may have to wait for a resupply, for which our progress will depend on this in order to get the material that is required, it is also important that we keep attentive to the space in our inventory, you can frequently avoid going to and from these caverns of lava, considering that if we have a higher rank we can opt for other areas that offer us the same element, something that certainly is not a guarantee of being able to find it of course because lava caverns are our best option.

     Now that you know where to find Sturdy Bones, you can do it and manage to find one of the many elements that will help you in your progress in Monster Hunter Rise.

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