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Searches continue at Monster Hunter Rise allowing us to talk to you about how to get a sharp fang.

What is the sharp fang in Monster Hunter Rise?

This is a necessary object to build armor and weapons when we are starting the game, in this sense, knowing how to get a sharp fang leads us to enhance the hunt of some monsters, and therefore we must agree to visit some biomes, although it is true , Most of the fangs are usually obtained from large monsters, not necessarily all of them are this way, because in the case of the sharp ones, they usually come from small creatures.

How to get a sharp fang in Monster Hunter Rise?

  Before going to the process itself, it is necessary to understand that there are a total of 8 monsters that contain the sharp fang and they are:


  •   Delex.
  • Jaggia.
  • Jaggi.
  • Gajau.
  • Zamite.
  • Wroggi.
  • Baggi.
  • Bullfango.

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Without a doubt, Bullfango is our best bet, since it has a fang drop rate of 20 percent, so we must look for it and for this it is necessary to look for it in:

  • The Ruins of the Sanctuary: This monster is usually found in zone 9 to the east of the subfield spawn, often seen wandering the area.
  • The Flooded Forest: this is another location of the Bullfango, as this leads us to locate zone 3 to the north of the great pyramid, although it is true, it is an area where larger monsters are usually seen, it is quite favorable to get this monster boy and thus get the sharp fang.

It is necessary to understand that:


 Sharpened fangs are often obtained from low-ranking creatures.

There are quite useful pieces of armor to be crafted from these tusks before hunting higher ranks.


The armor and weapons that we can make with the sharp fang are:


  •  Jawblade I.
  • Hack Blade I.
  • Serrated Jaw I.



  •  Baggi.
  • Jaggi.
  • Bone.
  • Death Skull.
  • Rhenoplos.
  • Kulu.
  • Uroktor Sets.


This is all you need to know about How to get a sharp fang, this way you can get parts of weapons and armor needed in Monster Hunter Rise.

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