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In the Monster Hunter Rise universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to beat Anjanath and here we will tell you how to do it.

Who is Anjanath at Monster Hunter Rise?

It is a monster known possibly to those of us who came to play Monster Hunter World, it was certainly one of those that represented a great obstacle when trying to defeat it, its arrival at this present time will be an interesting challenge even though it is not the same difficulty, so to have an idea of ​​how to beat Anjanath it is very appropriate to consider the details about it that will be indicated from here on, let's see.

How to beat Anjanath in Monster Hunter Rise?

Throughout this combat in Monster Hunter Rise we will see that he used fire elemental attacks, the fire blight being the most common, but we can work it easily, because of the healing with the use of the roller it turns out to be very faster than other elements, with a berry null, but rolling is the most viable way in terms of how to beat Anjanath, it is ideal to have a lot of resistance to fire through armor, being necessary at least 20 to cancel it, the fire dango can be useful, we can do the most damage to it with the water elemental attacks, ice being the second best against it and fire the worst to use obviously because it will resist it, we have that in Monster Hunter Rise its impact zones will be its wings and its snout, only that it will not always be discovered to be hit, but its muzzle is visible at all times, which then turns out to be the best place to hit with any of the types of weapons, after this are the head and the As for how to beat Anjanath, to see his wings uncovered, we can use the shooting bows, managing to hit him at a fairly prominent point.
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    The point against to give it in mentioned areas is the size that this opponent has, some weapons may be useless for the face or the tail, only those of shots can be better, because it is possible to aim where we want in Monster Hunter Rise, we must consider that the melee has good results due to the aerial options, among them the insect glaive, but trying to solve How to beat Anjanath when knocking him down any weapon will be very effective, in the case of state diseases this monster is not affected in general, taking into account that the water blight is the only effective against it.

    The main attacks he will make against us against Anjanath are physical, with his head in a special way, so being in front of him can be complicated, so the head can be his strong point despite being the area that we can most attack on his body, because it gets very close to the ground, at least enough to take advantage of it, it is important that they have aerial possibilities, attacks with great range or the skills of silkbind, because otherwise it will be a disadvantage in Monster Hunter Rise, apart from looking to attack us with The headbutts may seek to bite us, at that moment it is appropriate that we use a wirebug to keep some distance, with the fall of cables we must take care of ourselves, motivated that at that moment it will nail its face to the ground and charge against us, if we hit at the beginning we are going to receive another impact for sure, then the way to fall we have to take care of it, because we can be stunned and as for how to beat Anjanat h will be a problem.

    The jumps are a movement that he performs in particular to take advantage of hitting with his tail, achieving coverage of a great distance with it, in no situation will we be safe in said movement, we will see him protecting his vulnerable areas, he can apply bites to launch us in against the ground, it is important to prevent it from hitting us a second time, while its distance uses Monster Hunter Rise attacks with a rock throwing it, there are occasions that it will throw fire through its mouth, but its range is short, as long as we are far from its head at that moment we will be safe, it also has another movement where it screams to indicate its fire breath attack, exhaling to achieve a greater distance, the area that it will cover is not wide, but if it attacked us with great force, it is important on How to beat Anjanath that we are not in front of this at that time.

    Knowing how to beat Anjanath is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Monster Hunter Rise.

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