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Monster Hunter Celebrates 15th Anniversary and Has surprices news

2019-03-14 14:03:17

Monster Hunter celebrates its 15th anniversary.

Monster Hunter World 2018 has been more a preview for the new users who are venturing into the RPG series which celebrates its 15th anniversary, after its premiere on March 11, 2004 on the PlayStation 2.

Capcom has not wanted to miss the occasion, so they have published a trailer to commemorate it.

Monster Hunter: World - One Year Anniversary Celebration | PS4

The micro review all the terms of the main line of the series until today, starting from the Monster Hunder of the year 2004.

Since the beginning of the series, the game has debuted in different portable and domestic consoles, such as the PSP, the Wii and the Nintendo 3DS and has recently been released to the PS4, Xbox One and PC with Monster Hunter World.

The video closes with a teaser for Iceborne which is the main expansion of Monster Hunter World of the year.

The developers did not disclose details about new downloadable content, but have announced that they will introduce new regional configurations, monsters, equipment, missions and other content.

As part of the celebration they have also shared the cards of the developers who have worked on the series, but the card of Yasunori Ichinose has caused noise by hiding the word "NEXT", Ichinose has been in charge of several portable games of the series Monster Hunter.

So to wait has been said, the new insurance franchise will not take long to come to light.

The DLC is scheduled for release for PS4 and Xbox One this fall, accompanied by a PC version.