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Minion Masters: How to Get Rubies - Tips and tricks

2019-07-10 16:21:35

 Minion Masters is a mix of RTS and construction developer by BetaDwarf, Minion Masters is a very interesting video game, but to get the most fun you will have to know how to progress to improve your skills. And to be able to improve the skills and progress in the game you will have to know how to get rubies. But do not worry because we have already covered it, and then we will tell you in detail and quickly how to get rubies.

What rubies are for and how they work in Minion Masters.

As we already mentioned, these will allow you to progress in the game, rubies are the most used currency and with them you can buy Masters, Sands and Power Tokens.

Its operation goes hand in hand with all the coins of the game, in fact, the operation of a coin goes hand in hand with another currency, what we mean is that using a coin will reward you with another type of currency.

In the case of rubies, when you use Power Tokens to get cards, in addition to receiving the card you can also get rubies, however, this is not the only way you can get them.

How to get rubies in Minion Masters.

  •     One way is getting several victories in the "Mayhem" mode.
  •     Also rising in level, the higher the level you get, the greater the reward in rubies.
  •     Getting a new rank each season is also a way to be rewarded.
  •     And finally many times in the store free rewards are offered in rubies.

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