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In Minecraft there are many hidden creatures and that's why today we will tell you where to find the warden.

Who is the guardian in Minecraft?

This is a hostile, one-eyed aquatic creature of which there is a normal version and a larger gray variant.

Where to find the warden in Minecraft?

Being a blind creature, it will be able to track you through footsteps, smells, vibrations and sounds. It has a health bar of approximately 500 HP. To find it you will have to venture into the Deep Dark biome, below level Y0.

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    As such they cannot be found, but can be summoned by making noise within 48 blocks. In fact any activity such as mining, jumping, unlocking chests or using elytra will make enough noise over time to wake The Warden.

    You will know the creature has arrived when the light starts to dim or gets too dark, at which point you will hear its screech.

    This enemy cannot be defeated, due to the amount of health it possesses. But even if you decide to face it and manage to eliminate it, it will only give you five experience points and a Sculk catalyst block, so the best strategy when you encounter one is to hide or crouch around it. You can throw objects nearby to distract it and run away.

    This is all you need to know about where to find the warden in Minecraft, so we hope we have been as helpful as possible and we hope you can quickly find this creature.

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