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Delve into the universe of Minecraft because today we will tell you where to find the monument to the ocean.

What to know about the monument to the ocean in Minecraft?

It is a structure that is underwater inhabited by fish that are known as guardians, this place is a source of important resources, among which there is a marine lantern, 3 types of prismarines and a sponge, now it is ideal to know where to find the monument to the ocean and for this we can rely on this guide with the following content.

Where to find the ocean monument in Minecraft?

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    We must focus on the deep ocean biome, it is a building that is generated frequently if we compare it with the forest mansion, the exploration of the surroundings is ideal swimming anywhere to find this in the ocean, when we get closer we have to an important group of guards and the octopuses must be killed, then we will be attacked, it is ideal that we use the map of the ocean explorer to get to the monument more easily, this can be obtained from the cartographer villager when buying it, including the forest one as well.

    It is important to take into account our level of equipment and objects, because we will face underwater cleaning, which will take a lot of time to begin with, then we have to find the monument, being necessary a boat, 4 stacks of breakable blocks, 10 cubes, torches, doors and other passable blocks that cause restrictions in the water, weapons and tools such as a diamond pick, diamond shovel that allow breaking the blocks under fatigue, the underwater enchantment helmet with which we can break blocks underwater, underwater breathing that helps us spend more time underwater, food and consumables.

    Thus, we finalize our guide on where to find the monument to the ocean, hoping that you can make the best of Minecraft, a very busy game.

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