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Minecraft is a very versatile game in which you can do a lot of things, so in this article we will tell you where to find an end portal.

What is the end portal in Minecraft?

It is a structure is a natural structure that is used to travel to the End, this structure can be created in creative mode without problem, but if you are in survival mode, the only way to access one is to find it, so pay attention, so you know where to find an end portal.

Where to find an end portal in Minecraft?

If you are wondering where to find a final portal, this portal can be generated in a deactivated way in subway structures called Strongholds. The best way to find it is by using "Eyes of Ender", which you can make from ender pearls and some fire dust. You will be able to get ender pearls from the Endermen and fire dust from the fire rods dropped by the Blazes in the Abyssal Fortresses, you will need to craft at least 15 to be safe.

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    When you have enough you will have to go to an open area > right click on one of the eyes to launch it, what will happen is that it will float in the air away towards the nearest fortress, it will float for a few seconds and then return to the ground, if you are lucky you can pick up the same eye again and launch it again, otherwise it could be destroyed, and you will not use it again, this is why it is important to bring enough eyes.

    When you see that the eyes no longer rise but fly under the ground, it is because you have found the buried fortress. In this sense, you will have to dig carefully until you reach the fortress > go a little into the fortress until you find the final portal frame.

    What you must do is remove the ender eyes and place them in the empty frames to activate them and when the portal is active you will have to jump taking into account that there will be no exit portal until you finish with the dragon that is there.

    To build one of these portals in creative mode you will have to take the final portal frame from the creative inventory and place it using the correct pattern for which you will need 12 blocks, making sure all the blocks face inwards, placing yourself in the middle and placing the surrounding blocks > then you will have to place all twelve of Ender's eyes to activate it and move on to the final battle of Minecraft.

    That's all you need to know about where to find an end portal in Minecraft, so now that you have the two methods to find and build this portal, hopefully you'll manage to take down the final dragon of Minecraft quickly, so make sure you go in prepared enough for it if you're in survival mode, because it won't be easy.

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