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We invite you to discover where to find Allays, a new task in Minecraft.

What to know about Allays in Minecraft?

  They are some blue fairies that have come to the game with the recent update, they consist of some mobs and they become complex to catch, now looking to know where to find Allays, it is timely to closely follow the following content.

Where to find Allays in Minecraft?

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    In the surroundings of Pillager Outposts or Woodland Mansions we can see in Minecraft that these Allays are locked in a cage by Illagers, by this location we can find them, we have to interact with them, in the case of Woodland mansions we need to check the room of the prison because the cells are generated randomly, you have to find the cobblestone cells, being this more complex location it is better to use the Pillager Outposts, the next thing we will do is free them, which we can do with the use of our beak breaking the cage or we pull the lever in case a nearby one is found, its taming is possible by giving it random elements that they will accept, becoming friends with them that will follow us to support us, in case we eliminate the element of an Allay will not follow us again.

     Having resolved where to find Allays, we have that the use for them is in the collection of items, being necessary to enter the one we want, with this a search begins, it is even helpful for those who are lost, in what the Allays stand out the most is in gathering and find elements, with a radius of 64 blocks you can search for them, only that the object they deliver is based on the one that has been dropped, highlighting that everything happens on land because they cannot enter underwater.

     Now that we know where to find Allays, it only remains to do so to add an interesting advantage to our performance in Minecraft.

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