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Minecraft: How to works honey block

2019-12-04 14:33:03

If there are doubts about how the honey block works in Minecraft, in this article there will be all the answers and much more.

 In Minecraft Recently we will have the honey blocks, this will be possible with the Java 1.15 update, with this type of block we will find many important utility options, so the existence of this article, which aims to cover everything that has to do with how the honey block works, which leads us to the following content to find the answers.

What should we know about honey blocks in Minecraft?

 By means of the recent update, we will even be able to create a decorative block of honeycomb, which should not be confused with that of honey, so that we get to build the honey, we must combine 4 honeycombs in the menu of craftsmanship, by means of the blocks of honeycomb we will make our creation, it is good that we know how the block of honey works in Minecraft and also the way to create it, for it comes the revealing stage of this article that dealt with this in the following content.

How to create honey blocks in Minecraft?

 Simply we are going to use 4 bottles of honey, these bottles we are going to be able to obtain them, having empty bottles and the honey of the hives or nest of bees, of this form we will have the blocks of honey, now we will speak of the functions that have these and for that continues reading.

 How does the honey block in Minecraft work?

To know how the honey block works in Minecraft we have the following list:

 - We can reduce the damage by falling

 By 80 percent we will be able to reduce the damage received from falls

 - We'll be able to slow down

 If we run through blocks of this type, the speed can be reduced significantly, both for us and the items that are going to slide through the honey blocks.

 - May adhere to other blocks

 Honey blocks can be glued with other blocks and in which are included the silt blocks.

 - To reduce the height of the jumps

 We can jump but not with much height, which in a standard block can not be done

 - Transport

 With this type of block is possible to create a conveyor belt, to be pushed by a piston a block of honey, we will stick to it, with peat will be the same way.

 In a hole of 1x1 if we get to put a block of honey, due to its sticky substance, if a peat falls in this, it will be difficult to jump to have stuck feet, which will lead us to give even uses that will help us to deceive our enemies, as an example if this type of block is hidden in a carpet, thus creating a trap, moreover, that will serve us to keep the villagers and cattle static, but that's not all, there are some players who have even come to make parkou maps with these blocks of honey, due to the use of the sticky, with this way slide down the walls of glutinous amber very quickly.

There are many options of use for these blocks, will serve to mask as lampshades, lighthouses, embers and beer, with the honeycomb blocks it is possible that we also do this, another outstanding option to use them is that to the being combined the materials of this block with those of mud, we can elude the limit of push of 12 blocks of pistons, between the best constructions of this game there is much the block of honey, reason why it takes us to the clarity of importance of this type of block for the creation of many things.

 With this we end the article, where its primary content told us how the honey block works in Minecraft, using these guidelines we can give many different uses to this type of blocks, we hope it will be of great help and meet the expectations of you readers.                                             

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18 November 2011
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