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Minecraft: how to use an anvil - Tips and tricks

2020-02-06 13:39:30

In this new opportunity we will enter the incredible world of Minecraft to solve in this guide how to use an anvil.

What is an anvil in Minefraft?

It is a necessary tool in this game that will help us to make the repairs and name change in the elements, in addition, it is possible the combination of this enchanted, being something that we must have, it is good that we know how to use an anvil and the details we are going to have next in this explanatory guide.

What are the characteristics of an anvil in Minecraft?

It has some similarities to a whetstone, the charms will remain intact for the item we get to use on the anvil, it has a 12 percent chance of being damaged each time it is used, but without affecting the operation of the anvil, only that it will reach a point where it is worn out and destroyed by it, repair does not have, so a recipe for making it will be important, if it falls it can be destroyed, also if it gets under an anvil this will become a similar one that will fall and damage any player or what it falls on, it has the same role as sand, gravel, concrete dust and dragon eggs when it falls.

It's possible to extract an anvil with a pick, but we can also create them with the recipe and the ingredients are the following:

  • 4 x iron ingots
  • 3 x iron blocks

Having the materials, in the elaboration grid, we will put the 3 iron blocks in the upper row, an iron ingot in the center of the square and finally in the inner row we will put 3 iron blocks.

how to use an anvil to repair objects in Minecraft?

To make the repair of objects, you need material and experience, the damaged material will be repaired with the same material, for example a damaged iron pick, so that this can be repaired we will use the iron as the material and so for all, you also have the benefit of sacrificing an object to repair the damaged ones, having the ability to transfer all the charms to the object we sacrifice, accessing with this to charms that are not achievable in a table of spells, the cost of transfer will be higher if the spells to be transferred are of higher level, the maximum level of an anvil is 39 and as soon as it is higher than this, the repairs are rejected.

how to use an anvil to rename objects in Minecraft?

The cost to rename is of a level, some of the chests and equipment we can rename them, where when being placed we will have it shown in its GUI, they are 35 characters the maximum length to make the change of name, there are elements that have special effects if with renames and they are the following ones:


They make the name appear in the death message once we kill another player with these.

Spawning egg

A large quantity will be produced with the same name when it is renamed


These will be used on the mobs once the labels are renamed.

With this we arrive to the end of this explanation, being the same of how to use an anvil, we could notice all the functions that exist with this tool and its use, which will allow us a greater performance in the incredible world presented in Minecraft.

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18 November 2011
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