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With our Minecraft guide, you will learn more about how to put out the spread of fire.

Why put out the fire spread at Minecraft?

It is something necessary to help us with forest fires and with the burning of our house due to some accidents, it is something that we can complete easily, but nevertheless it is appropriate to receive some guidance, so in this guide we will see how to do it continuation.

How to extinguish the spread of fire in Minecraft?

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    We have to go to the console or game server, we open the command text box to write gamerule doFireTick false, then the Fire Spread stops and deactivates, now to enable it if we want we just write gamerule doFireTick true, achieving the activation of the command of fire, then it means that we can cause fires everywhere, we can certainly also apply customization techniques, decorate objects and not make them burn, the rest can be at our own discretion for the purpose of creativity, you just have to follow these indications.

    Finally, now that we know how to put out the spread of fire, we can continue to have fun at Minecraft.

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