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In the universe of Minecraft we have many tasks, one of them is How to tame a skeleton horse.

What to know about the skeleton horse in Minecraft?

There are different options to tame it, although in the case of the ordinary ones we can mount it easily, we just have to be careful with this as long as we follow the instructions that allow us to tame a skeleton horse and for this the following is presented.

How to tame a skeleton horse in Minecraft?

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    Having a domesticated horse we have to activate the tricks to summon it, in the creative mode we have to locate a summoning egg, for this we put HORSE in the search bar, generating as a result an indomitable skeleton horse, the activation of the tricks can help us , in creative mode we use commands in the chat, these being /summon minecraft:skeleton_horse ~ ~ ~ {SkeletonTrap:1} and /summon skeleton horse ~ ~1 ~ {Tame:1}, with this we get tamed skeleton horses that we can saddle and ride.

     In case of not using traps, it is necessary that we play in the highest difficulty, explore the world when an electrical storm is present, locate a skeleton horse and with the maximum difficulty there are high possibilities of finding it, we approach about 10 blocks from this until lightning strikes the horse and the result is the appearance of 4 horsemen that we must defeat, we can use a horse trap in the storm using the command /invoke skeleton_horse ~ ~ ~ {Skeleton trap: 1}.

     We hope that the information detailed here on How to tame a skeleton horse has been very useful for your progress and fun in Minecraft.

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