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We welcome you to our Minecraft guide where we will talk about How to repair the trident.

What to know about the trident in Minecraft?

This cannot be manufactured, so obtaining it depends on a drop from Drowned, a strange fall, it is a weapon that is useful in melee at a distance, only that its duration is 250, that is why it ends damaging quickly, then it is necessary to be aware of How to repair the trident we have to follow the instructions presented below, let's see.

How to repair the trident in Minecraft?

With combing a couple of damaged tridents we can repair our trident, it is something simple only that our enchantments are affected, this is something that is done in Minecraft because we cannot manufacture it, while almost all weapons if we can manufacture them and through the materials to repair them on an anvil, now there are 4 ways to consider in terms of How to repair the trident and these are the following:
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    The workbench: here we will combine the damaged pair of tridents to repair the trident, which also increases its durability, only it will remove the enchantments that the weapon has.

    The anvil: here the combination of a normal trident with a damaged one is required, the repair will be carried out keeping the enchantments that the weapon has.

    With the sharpening stone:
    it has the same operation as the work table, here a couple of damaged tridents will be combined, only that we will use the sharpening stone that becomes better, with this specific enchantments will not be eliminated when repairing the trident as they are Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing will be on the trident once repaired.

    The repair enchantment: when using this we have that our trident is going to be repaired through the use of XP orbs when holding it, a couple of duration is restored for each XP orb used.


    This is how we end our guide on How to repair the trident, hoping that you can get the most out of a game as busy as Minecraft.

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