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Minecraft always offers us a lot to make and today we will tell you how to make pumpkin pie.

What is pumpkin pie for in Minecraft?

This is a dish that usually favors us to increase saturation, in addition to restoring hunger points, so it is necessary to know How to make pumpkin pie, especially considering that it is possible to die from hunger and it is not the idea, in addition , the fact of avoiding eating could lead us to inaction and this does not allow us to progress.

How to make pumpkin pie in Minecraft?

To make it you need to have:
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    • Sugar: which can be produced from pieces of sugar cane and can be obtained near bodies of water, ocean biomes, lakes, rivers, although some may have farms with sugar cane.
    • Pumpkin Block – These are usually obtained from pumpkin blocks in biomes that are usually covered in snow or near forest mansions.
    • Egg: these are usually obtained from chicken farms and if we have one, things are even simpler.


     Now that we have the necessary ingredients we must open the 3x3 grid elaboration table and place the pumpkin in the first block, then the sugar in the next block and the egg in the last one, we will see that as we prepare the cake we will allows you to enjoy it and thus achieve the amount of 8 hunger points, in addition to a 4.8 saturation effect on consumption.

    In case you are not interested in making this cake, it is possible to get it from the wanderers, only to make this exchange we must have emeralds.

     Now that you know how to make pumpkin pie, it's time to launch into this creation task that can only be done in Minecraft.

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