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Minecraft: how to make netherite

2020-02-07 10:50:00

The resources in Minecraft are valuable and knowing how to do netherite is important in the elaboration of some important artifacts.

What is Netherita in Minecraft?

 Before knowing how to do netherite it is important to know exactly what that is, well, this is simply a very important resource that can only be achieved in Nether, it is simply a mineral that is obtained from ancient remains, and they contain an exceptional level of resistance, So getting into Nether to get it despite having many problems, has its high value.

 Netherita is a resource that can even be used to update diamonds, because it opens the possibilities for the construction of several necessary artifacts in Minecraft, and it is a resource that we can develop ourselves, focusing on visiting the Nether and approaching the biomes where we can Get such old debris that are usually part of the latest game update version 1.16.

How to make Netherita in Minecraft?


 In order to elaborate this resource, it is necessary to obtain some important elements, some ingredients that are usually placed on the handicraft table in order to form an ingot, which allows us to transform old waste, and take out a resistant resource, which has the capacity of crossing the lava without being able to receive any damage that allows us to float and even cause damage to our adversaries in a stronger way.

 Ingredients to make Netherita in Minecrft:


  •  Nether Scrap x 4.
  • Oor ingots x 4


 The Netherita has the possibility of making the diamond much stronger, the tools are more resistant and faster, the armor can withstand much more, we can generate a lot of damage to our adversary, because it is more valuable enough resources that allows us to face the strong bosses, that little by little are going to be presenting us in the game.

In general terms, now that you know how to do netherita, try to test it and make some armor or weapon for yourself, you will see how excellent it can be in Minecraft.

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18 November 2011
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