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Minecraft: How to Make a Potion of Night Vision

2019-10-24 13:49:53

In Minecraft going out at night can be very dangerous, so in this guide we will tell you in Minecraft: How to make a night vision potion.

It is important that you keep in mind at Minecraft: How to make a night vision potion, since going out at night is not very advisable especially if you are new to this game, but don't be so alarmed here we are here to help you with this concern in Minecraft.

How to make a night vision potion in Minecraft?

Before you can prepare this potion, you need the articles and materials that we will indicate below.
  • - A bottle of water.
  • - A lower wart.
  • - A golden carrot.
Now pay attention, the warts you can find in the lower biomes of Minecraft are quite easy to get, all you have to do is get the lower strength, then you have to find a farm of inferior warts and dig them up. In the case of golden carrots if you have to make them, to do so you need a carrot, 8 pieces of gold nuggets, this way you can create it.

When you have the mentioned requirements is the time in Minecraft: How to make a night vision potion, you just have to go to the preparation support menu and activate it, to do so you have to use flame powder, then put the water bottle in one of the boxes that are at the bottom of the menu, then you must put the lower wart in the upper box.

In this way a somewhat uncomfortable potion will be created instead of the water bottle, to finish add the golden carrot in the upper box, this way the brewing starts, this is the way to obtain the vision potion nocturnal, from this moment you will have it available in your inventory to use it when necessary.

This is all you need to know in Minecraft, so you can go out at night to the adventures, you know the way in Minecraft: How to make a night vision potion, do not forget to follow the indicated steps and get the necessary items and materials.

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18 November 2011
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