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Minecraft has different tasks for us and this makes it necessary to tell you How to make a Fletching Table.

What is the Fletching table in Minecraft?

 This is simply a necessary craft resource with which we get in this game and it can be manufactured, as we progress in Minecraft we get more interesting activities and therefore knowing How to make a Fletching Table emerges as another important activity, especially since the Trade here usually plays a necessary role, bartering between the villagers has undoubtedly occupied a particular place.

Knowing how to make a Fletching Table involves us before an activity where it can be seen that the villagers can ask for the dialogue menu on the left in order to change it with the items that are usually represented on the right, this is part of the amount of jobs that are usually available to villagers at Minecraft.

It is good to consider that there is the opportunity to have emeralds to trade with other resources in Minecraft, in fact there is the possibility of exchanging them for some refined products, and therefore this allows us to keep considerable profits, to the point that in the middle of everything This trade opens up the opportunity for us to acquire the profession of "Arrow maker" which is a favorable option now that we want to know how to make a Fletching Table and in this way continue to be immersed in the subject of trade.

How to make a fringed table in Minecraft?

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    Our first task is to create a block oriented to remote weapons for the table and for this we must have:


    •  2 flints.
    • 4 wooden blocks.


     It is necessary to take charge of opening the craft table where it will be necessary to place the 2 flints in the slots on the upper left, upper middle- before and proceed to fill the rest with the wooden boards, which allows us to grant us a "Push Table" that it can well be placed anywhere.

    The stringing table usually has a respective use and is ideal for creating files, for which it is necessary to get a villager who can be out of work in Minecraft and make it possible to become an arrowhead, sometimes this can become a complex task, for which which is necessary to embark on a recruitment task, this allows the villager to transform into a launcher and for this it will be necessary to corner him in his house or failing that in some place that may be narrow, in addition to getting covers all the possible exits, then We place the respective "Push Table" somewhere so that the villager can interact with it, and when doing so, it emits some green particles, which allows the villager to modify his appearance and become a Fletcher, having clothes of brown leather as well as a hat, and this allows us to be ready to trade, so that knowing How to make a Fletching Table emerges as one of the best tasks to execute.

    The next step to execute is to carry out the respective exchanges with the villagers. Fletcher allows you to trade in order to obtain Emeralds in addition to ranged weapons, this allows players to search for them or raise them with a certain level of purchase and sales, at such a point of becoming a master.

    Here are the purchases and sales that carpenters can do:


    •  32 Sticks for 1 Emerald.
    • 1 Emerald for 16 Arrows.
    • 1 Emerald and 10 Gravel for 10 Pedernales.
    • 26 Pedernales for 1 Esmeralda.
    • 2 Emeralds for 1 Bow.
    • 14 Strings for 1 Emerald.
    • 3 Emeralds for 1 Crossbow.
    • 24 Pens for 1 Emerald.
    • 7 to 21 Emeralds for 1 Enchanted Bow.
    • 8 tripod hooks for 1 emerald.
    • 8 to 22 Emeralds for 1 Enchanted Crossbow.
    • 2 Emeralds and 5 Arrows for 5 Pointed Arrows.


    In general terms, to know how it offers us the opportunity to make some purchases and sales in Minecraft, give it a try.

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