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Today we'll be covering everything you need to know about how to make a dropper in Minecraft, so keep reading.

What is a Minecraft dropper?

It is a tool with which it will no longer be necessary to transfer items from one area to another manually, this tool has a certain resemblance to a dispenser but with a different one, with it you can drop items from your inventory, but instead of using the block or fire a projectile like the dispenser, drop the version of the item that you can pick up, being able to even dispense items directly into a container without having to create a Hopper.
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    How to make a dropper in Minecraft?

    To make an eyedropper you will have to get seven blocks of Cobblestone and a Redstone Dust> then you will have to go to a crafting table> place the red stone powder in the lower central slot and the cobblestone in the remaining outer squares leaving the central area in white, which will allow you to get an eyedropper.

    We hope that our guide has been as useful as possible and that you can make the dropper without a problem so that you get the most out of it.

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