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Minecraft is a very lively game, and today it leads us to discover How to make a dispenser.

What to know about the dispenser in Minecraft?

It is a block that will help us to dispense the items outside it, as required with the red stone, a very important resource, now to achieve this we must understand How to make a dispenser and the details will be presented in this guide below Let's see.

How to make a dispenser in Minecraft?

We will have a couple of possibilities to obtain it, one way is by finding it in a trap that is in the jungle temples, so a pick is required to break it and take it, they are the pick we only access the internal content, now with using Cobblestone blocks x7, arch x1 and redstone powder x1 we can make it, once we use the recipe for it, we are going to put the arch in the central slot, the redstone powder under it and align the rest of the slot with the Cobblestone block.
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    It is necessary that any of these objects such as arrows, bone meal, buckets of water, lava, fish, fire charge, firework rocket, spawn eggs, throwable such as eggs, splash potions and snowballs, TNT and pitchforks.

    We can practically dispense any object, only that many will fall broken and others as in the case of the Minecarts will place an object in front of the dispenser without any effect, at the moment that an object is inside the dispenser we only have to pass a load of redstone through it, By means of a torch, lever, pressure plate and more, when this is executed we can randomly dispense the elements that are inside, making a clicking sound waiting for the next load.

    In conclusion, knowing how to make a dispenser is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving Minecraft.

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