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Minecraft has more tasks for us to execute, let's see How to make and activate a conduit

Why make and activate a conduit in Minecraft?

  This is a construction task that is necessary to execute because it is necessary to move through deep waters, so it is necessary to know how to make and activate a conduit, also this construction allows us to have the probability of surviving to the difficulties that usually arise as we delve into this juice.

How to make and activate a conduit in Minecraft?

  It should be noted that doing it in a duct requires having some specific items, such is the case of:
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    • Heart of the Sea: This is an item that we will get by searching a treasure chest that is usually buried or embarking on a search through an underwater temple.
    • Nautilus Shells: This is a second necessary item to look for in Minecraft, this is dropped by Drowned which is nothing more than a variant of Zombies and usually occurs in the oceans.


     With these two items in our possession it is necessary to move to a work table, we proceed to place the heart of the sea in the middle, it is surrounded by slots that will be surrounded by Nautilus shells, then we will move the entire conduit to our inventory , this is a first step to develop to know how to make and activate a conduit, but it is not yet ready to be used, this implies that we will have to get a considerable amount of Prismarine blocks and we will do this from a temple, we will proceed to build the structure of frame around the conduit while it is activated, we can build several rings, around between 16 and 42, that applies to all three levels and from there:


    •  We will get a place in the water where we are interested that our conduit can be in Minecraft and we make a square 5 blocks long on each side.
    • We proceed to place an extra block and our conduit in the center of the bottom line of blocks.
    • When placing the conduit we must take care of destroying the block below to activate it, this is the first level of activation and it has the ability to function up to a maximum of 32 blocks.


     It is necessary to consider that having about 14 extra blocks allows them to be placed horizontally around the conduit, achieving the same scope to extend for 64 blocks of distance, we must take care of placing 12 more connected blocks in the middle parts of other frames to achieve the final level and thereby extend the range to 96 blocks, when building the frame it is vital to avoid placing any blocks within the frame that are close to the conduit, the blocks must be water to allow the conduit to continue operating.

    Now that we know how to make and activate a conduit, it is necessary to take into account that this conduit allows us to breathe underwater, in addition to offering us night vision within the range of the conduit, also taking into account that hostile mobs in Minecraft will not be able to get very close , just standing about 8 meters away can cause them to take a lot of damage.

     This is everything you need to know about How to make and activate a conduit, it will only be enough to launch us into this creation task in Minecraft.

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