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Minecraft: How to Make a Composter

2020-02-13 14:26:43

In the Minecraft universe we find many tasks, one of them is how to make a composter here we will have the answers.

What is a composter in Minecraft?

It is a block in which we will convert materials into bone meal, such as crops, plants and among others, so by having a farm you can fertilize the plants, with a composter we can get rid of excess plant material, Poisonous potatoes and create something more useful with this, so that we know how to make a composter we carefully follow the content that comes next in this guide.

How to make a composter in Minecraft?

On our craft table it will be necessary to place 7 types of U-shaped wooden boards, leaving the upper and intermediate squares open, with 3 planks on the craft table we will make the wooden boards, along the bottom row, in all the villages the composters can appear, just by adding the plant materials to the composter we will be able to create bone food, being placed the element, we can add a layer of fertilizer, since different items in the game will have changes, with Gamepedia Minecraft we can detail those elements to which to add the credit.

Having 7 layers of fertilizer in the composter, we can use it to collect bone food, it can also be used with the hoppers together so that bone food is automatically collected, so that this is so, we must in the part top of the hopper place the composter.

This is how we finished our Minecraft guide, now we know how to make a composter we can only enjoy it to the fullest.

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