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This time we return with a Minecraft guide, aiming to explain how to make a boat.

Why make a boat in Minecraft?

With the help of a boat it is possible that we improve our chances of survival, it also helps with exploration, which offers us many advantages and therefore it is ideal to know how to make a boat and in this guide the details are presented.

How to make a boat in Minecraft?

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    Oak planks x5 and wooden shovel x1 are required to be able to make the oak or simple boat, then for this the following:


    •  Oak planks: through oak trees we can obtain it, which is possible in the forest, mountains, swamps or plateau area, when we have this memory we can use the craft menu to turn it into oak planks , then we put them into our inventory.
    • Wooden shovel: x2 sticks and x1 plank of any type are required, it is ideal to use the oak planks that we have manufactured, then what we will do is go to the crafts menu to place the plank in a 3x3 center grid and underneath the two sticks, only remaining to start crafting and when we are ready we can send the shovel to our inventory.


     After we have completed the necessary materials to make the boat, what we will do is open the crafting menu and add the oak planks x5 in a U shape from the top, being in Java only the oak planks will be enough to make the boat, but if we are in Windows, PE, or another edition we have to add the wooden shovel to the upper middle grid, we start the crafting process and when it is finished we can transfer the boat to our inventory.

     We hope that the detailed information here on How to make a boat has been very useful for your progress and fun in Minecraft.

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