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Minecraft: How to Make a Bed - tips and tricks

2019-12-09 11:52:00

We are back for Minecraft this time with the aim of telling you how to make a bed.

As we all know the beds in any world where we are, it has the same goal and is to be a useful device for sleeping, in Minecraft, it is highly important to know how to make a bed, because, the ideal is to spend the night, quiet, making the possible thing to avoid the monsters, because it is the place where we rest and during the day we continue the journey outdoors, but that is not all the use that can be given to the beds here, since they serve as a place of spawning , since this serves as an exact point in today's world, so we can travel and make some settlement somewhere else, but trying to return to the place of the beginning in order to engender, is therefore the fundamental factor of knowing how to make a bed.

What do we need to make a bed in Minecraft?

To know how to make a bed these materials are needed, it is important that they be as explained.

  • 3 wooden planks of any kind.
  • 3 matching wool, these must be all the same color.

How to make a bed in Minecraft?

To know how to make a bed it is necessary to follow these steps mentioned below:

  • 1. Create wooden boards: obviously wooden boards are taken from the trees we cut, so our goal is to cut a tree and take the wooden blocks that fall from it, then place them on the handicraft table in our inventory , when carrying out this process we will already have some wooden boards.
  • 2. Find wool: wool is obtained from sheep, so our goal is to get some sheep, once we find them we will have to make use of scissors, which can be made with 2 iron bars, once the sheep are ready scissors we approach the sheep to receive one or two wool for each sheep, here it is important not to hit the animal.

Another way to get wool is that maybe there may be some of this material in the Treasure Ark, which is found in special structures which can be spawned, then what we will do is eliminate a group of spiders and obviously loot the rope , only that this is a somewhat tedious process, we also need 12 ropes, because we need 4 ropes for each block of wool, because with this we can know how to make a bed in Minecraft.

  • 3. creation of the bed: to make the bed it is necessary to make use of the handicraft table, there we will have to place the wooden boards and the 3 wool, once we have done this task, we will already have our bed, now we just It is necessary to place it in a safe place, the most logical thing is to place it in a place where there are no monsters that interrupt our rest, or where we are not vulnerable as long as we do not keep any loot.

Finally, this is all you need to know about how to make a bed in Minecraft, elaborate it and tell us how you are doing with this experience.

Windows, macOS, Linux
Sandbox, survival
Mojang, Microsoft Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment
Release date:
18 November 2011

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