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Minecraft: How to Make a Beacon - tips and tricks

2019-07-25 18:55:26

Here are some tips to make a beacon in the game Minecraft.

Naturally throughout Minecfrat it is important to defend the place where we are for that reason we will need to make a beacon, this helps us, because it is important to stay alive because as you know we do not remain totally hidden from the adversaries, it is the reason we have prepared a series of tips to Make a Beacon, remember that the lighthouses are high constructions that we can use at long distances to orient ourselves and be able to return to our place of origin, of course that does not mean that your enemies are not going to want to arrive so you must be Alert and keep very good defenses in Minecraft.

 How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft?

First you must have the following materials: 5 glass blocks, 3 obsidian blocks and 1 abyssal star, that is the small list necessary, when we have already achieved this if we are going to make the lighthouse, in this way:
In the manufacturing menu it is important to see a grid of three by three, well, now we are going to use the blocks, remember that we are looking for 5 glass of which in 3 of them should be placed in the top row, then in the block which is in the middle place the abyssal star and on its right another block of glass, on the other hand, we are going to use the obsidian blocks these are necessary because they serve us to cover the spaces, once we have covered, we have simply managed to do the lighthouse that serves to protect us in Minecraft.

We could already make the lighthouse, let's see how it is used in Minecraft.

It is essential to keep in mind that the headlights are usually placed on pyramids of precious metals, on the other hand they must be in open spaces where they have a view of the sky, because this allows the light to be seen upwards which will allow us to locate ourselves when we are removed from our home, after this we have to configure our lighthouse and place precious metals, when you have completed all this you go to the lighthouse menu and you will see that you can see if it has primary or secondary powers, keep in mind that the secondary power all time is going to be light, the capacity with which light counts in Minecraft, do not forget that you have several powers available among which resistance is available, among others.

Finally we hope that our guide on some tips to Make a Beacon in Minecraft, to play!

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18 November 2011
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