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With our Minecraft guide, you will learn more about How to kill the Grand Warden.

What to know about the Grand Warden in Minecraft?

With the arrival of the new update 1.19, we have to add the guardians, our purpose being to face them, first we have to locate them, this is found in Deep Dark, this is a new area that was added with the update, it is a place where it rests above a rocky bed, here the guardians hide to use the shadows in their favor against us with stealth, now there is also a cabin in Daeep Dark, being necessary to know how to kill the Grand Warden we can use the details that we fetch the following content to do so, let's see.

How to kill the Grand Warden in Minecraft?

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    Taking into account the location of the guardians in Minecraft, we have the most complex part, which is to face the great guardian, in the entire game. These are the strongest mobs, they are larger than the iron golems and with giving us a couple of hits, can kill us by not having full netherite armor, when attacked they will turn faster, so in terms of How to kill the Grand Warden there is no better option than to avoid them and escape, starting from that you have to attract them to an area in which we have manipulated with the use of explosives so that they explode inside, it is a good way to try to kill them.

    Due to the dark environment, these come to be blind, but they have sensors that allow them to detect vibrations to find their objective in Minecraft, when moving or making noise while in Deep Dark they will look for us to attack us, it is necessary that let's avoid them, only without attacking them and without getting too close, because they will come head on, in case our heartbeats point to us, they will be able to listen, and we will be easily visible to them without losing our trail, as for How kill the Grand Warden if we are going to escape is to use the distraction with the use of a snowball or arrow in another location, the guardian will go to the location where what we shoot falls, what we will do is escape at this moment.

    In conclusion, knowing how to kill the Grand Warden is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Minecraft.

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