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Minecraft definitely does not stop surprising us, and therefore it is convenient to tell you How to install BSL shaders.

What are BSL shaders in Minecraft?

This is an interesting application that allows us to improve the graphics of this game considerably in the most recent version, in such a way that knowing How to install BSL shaders offers us the opportunity to get involved in a somewhat more realistic world, this makes the charm for this game can grow a little more, especially considering that these changes are usually part of version 1.17.

How to install BSL shaders on Minecraft?

This is an important action with which we get ourselves and for this it is possible:
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    • Download and install Optifine 1.17, for which it is usually necessary to have the BSL Shaders pack.
    • Next we must look for .minecraftshaderpacks and to locate it is necessary to type in the search bar "percentappdatapercent" where it is usually necessary to copy and paste the compressed BSL Shader file.
    • Then we start Minecraft Launcher and this implies selecting "Options", then "Video Settings" and finally "Shader" choosing of course the Optifine version.

    It should be noted that some Shaders have not been updated and therefore these do not usually work with version 1.17 of the game, however, if you manage to work regularly it is usually necessary to make use of it regularly to transform the world, in such a way This allows us to make some changes and thus achieve better results.

    In this sense, knowing How to install BSL shaders allows us to get some interesting modifications that allow us to make Minecraft a little more realistic.

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