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Enter the universe of Minecraft because today we will tell you how to grow Sculk blocks.

What to know about Sculk blocks in Minecraft?

They have been added with the recent update 1.19, they are found in the Deep Dark biome, although this grows in that location we can bring it to our home to cultivate it, only that for this we must follow some indications regarding How to grow Sculk blocks and with the following details we can do it, let's see.

How to grow Sculk blocks in Minecraft?

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    It is necessary a Sculk catalyst to grow the Sculk blocks, it is very different from the standard, because it has a gray area below, similar to the bones, it is simple to visualize them, the thing is that both can be found in the Deep Dark biome, to find the catalyst you must use a tool for extraction that has the Silk Touch enchantment, breaking with it the block and it is not possible to use if we do not have the mentioned enchantment, the following is to put the catalyst where we want to grow the blocks, close to this we will kill the mobs, being any of these while we do it quickly, the result of this is that it will drop some elements and among which will be under a Sculk block, we can grow it in this way out of the biome having the catalyst.

    We hope that the information detailed here on How to grow Sculk blocks has been very useful for your fun and progress in Minecraft.

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