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Minecraft: How to Grow Mushrooms - Tips and tricks

2020-02-11 16:47:41

In the wide universe that we find in Minecraft we will have many tasks to perform, one of these is how to grow mushrooms and here we will know how to do it.

  In Minecraft we have many important tasks, one of these is knowing how to grow mushrooms, for this we must be aware that their cultivation depends on specific conditions, this being even a risk for our character, the necessary details in depth about it we are going to have starting from this moment below.


What should we consider before growing mushrooms in Minecraft?

  The cultivation of fungi does not require the needs that we had previously in the game, such as water or light, because these are not plants, in this case light will be something that will harm fungi, not directly We can place them, we will require lighting levels if we want them to grow, to know more about how to grow mushrooms, let's move on.

How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft?




 Indoor under the ground will be the location that we must give to fungi, so that they thrive no more than 12 has to be the level of light, it is possible that the idea of ​​creating an underground farm is ideal for this crop, but we must bear in mind that darkness would lend itself to the appearance of many monsters, such as zombies or vines, we must ensure that these mushrooms will grow away from the mortal masses, the Goldilocks level will be necessary, which is between 8 and 11 level, what we have to do is that we place the light sources above the mushroom plants, at least a few blocks.


 It is also important that our mushroom farms are small, in this way the risk that the enemies bring with them will be less, at the moment they get to move to the corners where there is darkness, if we establish the farms in Nether we will be safe due because in these never the enemies will appear to be small and closed areas.




 Any opaque block of land will serve us, it is good to know that fungi spread as if they were a forest fire, so this tells us that we have to leave many empty blocks that are put to be colonized, they certainly are not going to branch indefinitely, if there are for example 5 mushrooms in a 9x9x3 area, the original mushroom will remain in the middle, the propagation of the hogs will not exceed the level of light that is maximum of 12, even if our first planted fungus were in a level 10 light block will not reach its propagation at 13.


 Under sunlight the mushrooms will grow for some reason if we use blocks of mycelium or podzol, so we can cover a field with mycelium and podzol, the largest mushrooms being the path to crop efficiency, due to the collection produced from Cornucopia of smaller mushrooms, we still can not say that fungi have difficulty growing because we can still be surprised at what we have in Minecraft.

How to grow mushrooms in large mushrooms in Minecraft?


 Before growing in large mushrooms, we must have a red or brown, betting on growth in a block of soil, grass, podzol, bedrock or mycelium, large mushrooms will not be supported by other opaque blocks, so that they explode as soon as to size we must sprinkle it with bone meal, large mushrooms will also need light so that they have a prosperous crop, large mushrooms will require that the land plots are 7x7, no matter how large they are On the roof, 8 blocks high will be what we should have in our underground farm, otherwise the risk that arises is the growth towards the walls and the roof, which will result in a dead mushroom and waste of time and materials that we employ


 All these concerns will be unimportant for the mushroom abroad if we plant it in mycelium or podzol, but if the 7x7 terrain will be the only thing we will still need, taking advantage of the planting of some other types of crops, covered by the umbrella formed For large mushrooms, the growth of these additional crops will depend on common requirements such as water, soil and light.

 In this way we end with our Minecraft guide with which we already know how to grow mushrooms and we can only enjoy it to the fullest.

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