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Minecraft: How to Get Totem of Undying

2020-02-10 09:37:31

The world of construction has never been more comfortable because knowing how to get the totem of Undying makes Minecraft more fantastic.

  In Minecraft we have the joy of building many things, because we can make use of the enchanted and magical objects, because with them we can survive the adversaries among whom are the Skeletons that will practically never leave us alone, so here you take us to the need to know how to obtain the totem of death and thereby be able to defend ourselves.

How to get the totem of Undying in Minecraft?

 First to get the totem of death it is necessary to eliminate the evocator, as this will place all the possible obstacles to not achieve it, and it is in the Mansions of the forest. It should be noted that the evocators are simply quite formidable enemies that usually attack us within a radius of 12 blocks, which means that they have an attack capacity from a very distant distance, and the most complex thing is that they have two attacks and they are:

 Summon Vexes. The evocator summons this attack so that they do their dirty work, because for this they only need to raise their arms and make use of the horn in order to appear white particles, because when they hear this sound the vex will arrive and usually cause us at least 9 damages for each of the attacks with difficulty, placing us in a particular situation.

 Fang attack: with this attack the evocator can cause 6 damage, because it only requires raising the arms in order to remove purple particles and make use of the horn but in a somewhat low sound, so that he manages to call the Fangs of the ground and they will do their best to catch each other.

 Our job here is to beat them, because when they do it they simply do not appear again, the good thing here is that we can be intelligent and perform some stagnations such as protection, because with this we manage to defeat the evocator so that he will then drop the totem of death, and that is not all, because there is an emerald that could fall with him, so if we are lucky we will get two artifacts in one fell swoop.

What does a totem of Undying do in Minecraft?

 The totem of death is simply a valuable object in this game, and it becomes more complex due to the difficulty that it has to be achieved, usually used when a player has received enough damage that could place him to a thread of death, provided when in the main hand of the player, because with him we manage not to die.

How to use the totem of Undying in Minecraft?

 It is worth mentioning a very striking aspect and that is that once we use it it disappears, that is to say reusing it simply is not possible, even if it becomes quite complicated to achieve it, in short, to use it it is necessary to make sure that it is in the main grooves or out of them but only when we receive a fatal damage, because that way it works, because being in the slots, it will simply bring us back on its own, without having to do additional things or move objects.

 Finally, knowing how to obtain the totem of Undying allows us to survive a fatality, because it is worth the effort to get it at Minecraft.

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Sandbox, survival
Mojang, Xbox, Sony, Nintendo eShop
Mojang, Microsoft Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment
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18 November 2011
Single-player, multiplayer
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