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Minecraft: How to get the trident

2019-08-07 22:46:36

This time we have developed for you a guide to obtain the trident, an important weapon, with specific characteristics in the game Minecraft.

Why get the trident in Minecraft?

First of all, let's clarify that the trident is a weapon that has been available in Minecraft Java Edition since the expansion of 1.13, that is Aquatic, which manifests itself as a downer to the adversaries, and this weapon is so spectacular because it has a couple of functions incredible we can use it to generate blows as if it were a sung sword although it is not very light it is viable due to the accuracy of distance throws but on the other hand it can also be used as a weapon to combat melee, it makes it complete and very interesting in Minecraft.

To get a trident it is important to get Drowned monsters they can be generally underwater which indicates that we must eliminate them and have some luck for them to bring a trident, because not everyone has what makes it quite complex, but not impossible , just try to see what you can get there, another viable option is that if you find yourself playing on the sides of bedrock you may be lucky and you can eliminate a Drowned, it may be that a trident falls from there, even though he does not specifically have it with you, because in this edition the chances that a monster of these that is under the water has a trident is extremely low does not even reach 10%, on the other hand in the bedrock edition if you can have some more opportunity So we are understood that getting the trident is extremely complicated in Minecraft, so it is important two important alternatives, one that you know how to cultivate and two that you pass Enough time under the water and in the process do everything possible so that it does not break, because you have to repair it and it will not be the same.

Visible features when get the trident in Minecraft.

In reality, a trident is a very strong weapon with a phenomenal attack power that causes enough damage, so much so that with a single attack that it provides, it can take up to about 13 points in damage if it is close, at a distance it is not so strong but The same causes enough, this makes it a very complex weapon because it is as hard as iron, remember that it comes from the cultivation of tridents, although if you want to keep her alone and do not require your help just look for the way to enchant her with Mending, of course that does not mean that her own enchantments of the weapon are not for her, you see because it is a wonderful weapon in Minecraft.

  • Loyalty: thrown tridents return to the player after a few seconds.
  • Channeling: if a thrown trident hits a mob during a thunderstorm, lightning is invoked that deals a lot of damage.
  • Riptide: Throwing a trident underwater or in the rain transports the player and inflicts splash damage.
  • Impale: deals additional melee damage and ranged damage to aquatic mobs (not drowned). In Bedrock Edition, this benefit extends to all mobs that are in the rain or underwater.
  • Unlocking: increases durability.
  • Repair: when the trident is equipped, any XP orb collected repairs the trident instead of increasing the player's XP.
  • Curse of disappearance: the trident disappears after death.

Getting the trident in Minecraft is important because it brings with it a number of enchantments that are very useful in the game such is the case of the pipeline that can be invoked through lightning and can cause too much lightning during the thunderstorm that can generate On the other hand, it has the most interesting unlocking thing because it increases the durability of action, if what you are looking for is to cause enough damage to the masses that are in the water what you need is to impale, meanwhile if your objective is to cause Splash damage what you should do is launch the trident by riptide, on the other hand if what you are looking for is loyalty, something that everyone wants just throws the trident and after a couple of seconds he will automatically return to you, another important characteristic of the trident it is the repair, remember that when one is damaged it is necessary to repair and this is achieved with any universe of experience that should be s use for the trident and not for the player as such, finally the trident is not eternal maybe he can die and this usually happens when the curse of disappearance is applied, this would be the only way of not being able to see it anymore.

We hope that with this tutorial it will be easy for you to get the trident of Minecraft and you can have a great time with this game that is very interesting.

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18 November 2011
Single-player, multiplayer
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