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The world of Minecraft has more content, allowing us to explain how to get the Shroomlight.

What is Shroomlight in Minecraft?

This is usually a special block that we are allowed to use in this game and that tends to shine so similar to a stone, this makes it necessary to embark on a search that we will explain below.

How to get Shroomlight in Minecraft?

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    It is necessary to go to the Nether, which makes us access Warped or Crimson Forest, we will see that this block is growing near these biomes and is inside a large mushroom, which looks more like a tree thanks to its height, Once we find the mushroom tree, we get involved in the task of getting the block and for this we must make use of a work tool, which could require a hoe.

    Once we get the block we proceed to give it the respective use that means to use it as a light source, only that this is not here anything else, it has other uses that could well favor us, and that is to make flour from it, as you will understand the Shroomlight have about 65 percent compost level.

    In this sense, knowing how to get Shroomlight allows us to get an object to take advantage of in Minecraft and thus continue the construction.

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