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Minecraft: How to Get Nautilus Shells

2020-02-12 11:27:08

The elements in Minecraft are usually quite formidable let's see exactly how to get nautilus shells.

In Minecraft, crafts play a fundamental role, since getting all the necessary elements and objects, it is important to be clear that some are easier to get than others, so here we will see how to obtain nautilus shells, which is available in the aquatic update .

How to get nautilus shells in Minecraft?

The ways to get these elements are currently just two, which are somewhat different, with just one detail exactly the same, both options require water.

Defeating the drowned

In this case it is necessary to immerse ourselves in the water so that we can fight against the drowned, who usually lurk on the surface, since they have at least a 3 percent chance in the Java edition of Minecraft and 8 percent in the Bedrcok edition, because they usually spawn and thus die, they do this in the bodies of water and are simply the result of a normal living dead that has only fallen into the water.


Running the fishing of these shells can really make us spend some time in this game, because for this we need to equip ourselves with a fishing rod, this is made easy, we will only use 3 sticks and two pieces of rope, then and with our rod from fishing on top, we will go to the body of water, where we will throw our artifact across our fingers so that good fortune is on our side, leveling up in the stagnation of Luck of the Sea is an excellent option to increase our chances of getting the shells

What is the use of nautilus shells in Minecraft?

The shells here are used to make a conduit, but we need 8 shells and a heart of the sea, the ducts usually damage the enemy mobs within a radius of 8 blocks, in addition, if we place them under water they can emit a light whether or not activated, of course this occurs in a more advanced place in the game, as it is necessary to reach level 15. An activated conduit allows us to achieve blockages of effect, in a radius of 32-96, because the Power of the conduit allows us night view under water and increase the extraction speed under it, which is obviously quite attractive at Minecraft.

Now that you know how to get nautilus shells you can simply opt for the best alternative you consider to have them with you and make the conduit in Minecraft.

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18 November 2011

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