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Minecraft: How to Get Mending Books - Tips and tricks

2019-07-21 13:19:46

Let's share the tips that are necessary to Get Mending Books in 1.14 in Minecraft.

To start during the course of the game is very useful the enchantment, which allows us to use the points of experience we have to repair our weapons, our tools and armor, in which the enchantment is simply applicable, but obviously you will need the repair book, which allows you to enchant your kit, so here we will instruct you to Get Mending Books in 1.14 in Minecraft.

Why is it important to use the villagers to Get Mending Books in 1.14 in the recent version of Minecraft?

Naturally, the fastest and simplest way is through a librarian, and that librarian gets it by making it, which implies that you need to use a villager and even a lectern, the latter can be built using 4 wooden slabs and what is more common pear shelf books; locate the villager is sincerely easy, then look at your surroundings, you will notice that there is a village, well what you should is to get there and as it is normal you will see that full of people will only need to force a race and isolate a villager using rails and also a minecart or if you do not do it much faster creating a boat and somehow get a villager to stop in and then transport it to a removed location. In Minecraft.

How to Get Mending Books in 1.14 in Minecraft?

You already have available and only the villager although it has been a bit complicated to achieve the goal because everyone will want to compete for one reason or another, but in any case it will only be one who achieves it.

As you are far enough away from the town, look for a place to put the villager who is captive and placed in front of the lectern and then you will see that this changes clothes and you will see that he has a dress worthy of a librarian of yesteryear. say that he has a cap and glasses obviously, although we still continue with the expectation of obtaining repair books in 1.14.

Finally we have our librarian ready you can place the courses and click on them to see exactly what they have to market, the bad thing is that we are not sure that here you can see the book for the first time, but quiet perseverance can show it in Minecraft.

Each time you want you can continue placing and removing the lectern to slowly reassign the villager to the librarian, this random and constant way will make the stock Get Mending Books in 1.14 during the game Minecraft.