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Minecraft offers us more to do, let's see How to get mangrove propagules.

What does it mean to get mangrove propagules in Minecraft?

Simply, launching ourselves on a necessary search that will take us through a certain part of this game, this is part of the novelties that version 1.19 has, in this sense, knowing How to get mangrove propagules offers us the option of finding them and taking us with us, this allows us to considerably reduce the travel time.

How to get mangrove propagules in Minecraft?

We must take care of getting a mangrove tree because the propagule usually hangs from it, in this case, it is necessary to locate it and this type of tree is usually found in the mangrove swamps that are in hot places in the game world, desert and jungle biomes can be placed with swamps, however, the chances can be a bit slim.
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    To get this propagule it is necessary to have a tool with Silt Touch, when we get it, we must take care of knocking down the mangrove tree, using our character's hands, this allows us to retrieve the object and bring it with us.

    It is necessary to establish it in any block and cultivate the trees underwater, when placing the propagule we will have to use bone meal so that it can grow and become a proper mangrove tree.

    It is necessary to take into account that the mangrove tree that we cultivate usually has propagules and this opens the door for us to create a larger mangrove forest where we consider it viable to cultivate it.

    Mangrove trees can be used to create logs and planks, this opens the possibility of executing some craft projects, such as:

    • Campfires.
    • Smokers.
    • Barrels.
    • Boats.

    Now that you know how to get mangrove propagules, you can get involved in this task that only Minecraft offers you.

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